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Monday, December 24, 2007
Merry Christmas! Posted by: Dalixam | Comments (19)

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone!

Comment by: Fearless Flying Monkey @ 21:00, Saturday, December 29, 2007
Nice, happy new year guys gonna be early for that too?
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Comment by: Dalixam @ 11:46, Saturday, December 29, 2007
I wasn't home on the 24th so I posted it a day earlier and changed the date :)

Comment by: starwars threepwood @ 18:45, Tuesday, December 25, 2007
lol! i am the 1st person 2 post on christmas day!

Comment by: starwars threepwood @ 18:43, Tuesday, December 25, 2007
i got a psp adn i like it. to make this sound monkey related, i will look out 4 a MI game 4 the PSP, good eh?
i will post bakc if i do!

Comment by: Fearless Flying Monkey @ 20:29, Monday, December 24, 2007
@Inspector Canard, we weren't complaining that it was too early for a Christmas Post. We were commenting that it was posted on December 23rd when it says it was posted on December 24th. And of course we are all very appreciative of their hardwork so we lazy types don't have to find all the news ourselves.

Comment by: wallybfeed @ 14:58, Monday, December 24, 2007
Yaaarrgh! Merry Christmas!

Comment by: Inspector_Canard @ 11:50, Monday, December 24, 2007
To those who find an early greeting "too quick for their liking:"
Maybe the greeting came early because the WMI staff have friends and family they'd rather spend time with over the holiday instead of maintaining the site, yes?

I appreciate that they'd say anything at all. I wouldn't care if it were a week early or a week late. Courtesy is not something to harp about.

Comment by: Argusk @ 08:58, Monday, December 24, 2007
Merry Christmas to fans, staff, creators and to all the Monkey Island nuts out there ( yes we know that you are hiding in the closet - so come out and celebrate Christmas). I hope that all of you have a safe Christmas, a happy New Year and a great 2008. All the best and God bless :) Argusk.

Comment by: Fearless Flying Monkey @ 23:32, Sunday, December 23, 2007
@ BeeKay84, When it was posted it wasn't the 24th and neither was the time this was posted and neither was when you posted, so the website is too quick for my liking :P

Comment by: PoacheR @ 22:21, Sunday, December 23, 2007
Merry Christmas everyone :)

Comment by: ueshiba @ 21:14, Sunday, December 23, 2007
Feliz Natal! Merry Xmas!Especially to some dude in Holland! ;)

Comment by: BeeKay84 @ 20:29, Sunday, December 23, 2007
Oh, is it December 24th already? Merry Christmas to all of you! =)

Comment by: atlantisgrl @ 20:23, Sunday, December 23, 2007
Merry Christmas to everyone!!!! x x x

Comment by: peterszky @ 20:10, Sunday, December 23, 2007
Merry Christmas to all MI fans!
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Comment by: plunderbunny481 @ 19:47, Sunday, December 23, 2007
And to you! Merry Christmas!!

Comment by: Donkey @ 18:41, Sunday, December 23, 2007
Ye Merry Christmas dudes! hehe.. nice to see that 24 dec comes early this year^^

Comment by: Fearless Flying Monkey @ 17:43, Sunday, December 23, 2007
Wow! you guys can post a christmas eve message a day early! Cool! Merry Christmas!

Comment by: Paco @ 16:32, Sunday, December 23, 2007
Merry Christmas all you pirates! Hey Dalixam, where's the Christmas design? ;-)

Comment by: HomerSimpson @ 15:34, Sunday, December 23, 2007
Merry Christmas to all at WoMI, staff, members and guests! :D

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