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Monday, December 31, 2007
End of an era Posted by: Dalixam | Comments (69)
First, I want to wish everyone a Happy New Year!

Next, I will announce that I am closing 'World of Monkey Island'.

This was a hard decision and I've been thinking about it for over a year. I couldn't convince myself to let go of this site, but finally I realized that it's time for me to move on. This website started out of nothing and grew to be the biggest Monkey Island site on the net, but I've reached a point in my life where running a website doesn't have the highest priority and the motivation is also dwindling quickly as there's nothing happening with the MI games. It's been seven years since the last game and there's no indication of a new one coming anytime soon. Basically, I no longer have motivation to continue this site and after 10 years I feel this is the right time to close the site. I came to this decision in August, but I wanted to give the site a 10 year anniversary and I felt the last day of the year was an appropriate day to close the book on WMI. I asked a few people I would trust with the site if they wanted to continue it, but they all declined with the same reasons as me.

I am very proud of this website and what I've accomplished during its 10 years. I can't make a list of all the wonderful things this site has brought me (I actually started making a list, but it was very long), but I have been very happy working on it for 10 years.

Also, don't forget about the Monkey Island wiki which is an excellent and much more effective way to make an information site.

The site will stay online and all content will be available, but news updates, content updates, and fan stuff updates will stop. However, the forums will continue to function as they do now. Haggis has agreed to become an administrator and keep the forums alive so the community still has a place to go. There is also one exception to the stopping of news updates; When Paco makes new comic pages they will be added along with a news post.

The email service will continue, but I urge anyone who uses it to get another free email, like a Gmail. I don't know how many actually uses a email. It's ugly and you only get 25 MB of space. Also, the email service will be unsupported so if it goes down it's not sure to come back up. Gmail gives you 2-3 GB and better service, so sign up for one of those :)

Like a bad horror movie I want to leave open the possibility of WMI opening its doors again. It might not be under my command, but in case Monkey Island 5 is announced by LucasArts or someone buys the rights to MI this site will probably spring back to life.

I am not sure I said everything I wanted in this news post, but it's really difficult to write. I want to thank everyone for visiting this site throughout the years. Maybe you've been here from the early years or maybe you're new here, but I hope you have enjoyed your visits.

I also wish to say a very big thank you to everyone who has helped me with this site over the years. Such as Haggis, Ryback, and Junaid. I hope I'm not forgetting anybody. A special thanks goes to Paco who has added so much great art to this site, including the comic of course, and has become a great friend of mine.

Oh, and if anyone is wondering, the skull in the Voodoo Lady's predictions represented this day :)

See ya on Monkey Island!

Comment by: octochan @ 04:57, Sunday, February 8, 2009
wow, it's been too long since I've been here. I hope the MI wiki will keep the love alive. I also hope that when this site finally goes down, we'll still be able to see the MI comics.

it's hard to keep a fansite going once the source has been dead for a while, the fact that this site survived for 10 years is a thing to be commended. so long, and thanks for all the monkeys.

Comment by: s7409651 @ 19:13, Tuesday, February 3, 2009
First comment of 2009?
..come on, guys!

Merry new year to you all. I hope the Monkey Love is still running through you all. I know that my Michael Land tune collection is enough to bring all the good fuzzy feelings back. xOl

Comment by: plunderbunny481 @ 21:37, Friday, September 26, 2008
me too.

Comment by: Herman Toothdecay @ 01:21, Thursday, September 18, 2008
I miss this site :(

Comment by: vegas559 @ 12:07, Thursday, March 27, 2008
and i thought you were men!

Comment by: rum rogers @ 01:59, Sunday, February 24, 2008
I have thought about it for a while, and i finally decided what to write. I havent been a member very long either, and have only wrote a single comment, but i have been a study visitor of this site for about a year. This was one of the saddest things i has read on the internet, and i bet it will stay that way for a while.

What makes me the most sad is that all the times there comes new little things about monkey island, and before we could always come to this site to get to know about them... where should i look now? and am i gonna get around to look for them? i doubt it...

But hey i supposed you had a good run... and i can only be proud this was all started up by a single dane :)

Good luck in the future, and be well :)

Comment by: PirateScumm @ 21:46, Tuesday, February 19, 2008
NOOOOooooooo!! This is my favorite MI site, dude!!!

Comment by: Captain Raptor @ 05:48, Wednesday, February 13, 2008
Oh my. :( This is a tragedy.

Well, gbye WMI! Have a great time, Dalixam.

And meh, can't say I've been here for a bit, but, hey. This place had a good run, I trust it in the hands of Haggis.

Comment by: piratebd @ 21:03, Thursday, February 7, 2008
woah...for the first time in almost 10 years...i stop visiting this site for a month...and it closes down?!

this sucks.

this site has always been my favourite monkey island site (even when sites like thescummbar were around) and one of my favourite sites feels like a part of my childhood has closed down with this site.

Thank you Dalixam, Paco...and everyone who has ever contributed to this have made parts of my life richer with this masterpiece of internet code.You shall be missed.

Goodbye World of Monkey Island...I shall look at you longingly from time to time.

Comment by: BeeKay84 @ 18:19, Tuesday, February 5, 2008
@Elaine1707: Whoops, I just read your comments in the forums, where you said you don't have the games any more. Then, of course, my hints won't be helpful for you. I do hope you'll get them again somewhere, on eBay or something. Good luck!

Comment by: BeeKay84 @ 13:06, Monday, February 4, 2008
@Elaine1707: Running the old games on your computer should be pretty easy, if you still have the games on floppy disk or CD Rom:
1. Download ScummVM at
2. Install ScummVM
3. Copy all the files necessary from the game (floppy disk or CD Rom, whichever you have) into a folder on your hard drive. Create an individual folder for each game, like: a folder for MI1, a folder for MI2, and so on.
4. Start ScummVM, add the games by chosing the respective folders, and when ScummVM recognizes them, have fun playing! ;)
For more info on which files you need and such, go to:
or to:

I hope I could help.
~ BeeKay84

Comment by: Elaine1707 @ 03:54, Monday, February 4, 2008
you did a wonder ful job! It's such a long time ago.Thanks for keeping the site somewhat open. Monkey Island needs to be a classic like old movies... I don't know to run the old games on my computer but I wish I could show them to my children and later to my grandchildren. Monkey Island is a part of American Culture!!!

Comment by: strider @ 11:06, Sunday, January 27, 2008
Damn it! I came here too late. WMI is awesome, even though I came here only 2 years ago. In 1997 I didn't even have an internet connection but I'm glad this site was in the making since. To everyone who helped make this site, your dedication has never gone to waste. Thanks for keeping everything accessible and good luck with your life commitments, they definitely are more important than any of this. We'll never forget this contribution.
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Comment by: mymipage @ 04:54, Sunday, January 27, 2008
Dalixam, Haggis, and Paco,

I'm very sad to hear about WMI closing - it was (and still is) a fantastic resource for Monkey Island content.

I first came here about 8 years ago, when The SCUMM Bar, World of MI, and The Legend of MI were the top three sites. It's was also sad to see the SCUMM Bar close, and is sad that MI Legend don't update that often (I'm to blame for a bit of that).

Now that I will probably never speak to you again however, I would like to thank all three of you - Dalixam, Haggis, and Paco - not only for the fabulous website that I spent my years in school looking at, but also for the different individual ways that you helped me throughout the years:

Dalixam: You helped me out with the Brimstone Beach Open Week years and years ago. It may seem small but it was great that the Big MI sites offered to help me out

Paco: Thank you for the pictures you drew for me for part of the design of the same site

Haggis: I would like to thank you the most. When we were developing that site you helped me out a lot. I really appreciated it, and still do.

I would also like to thank Junaid for his art too - there are still some people who use his caricatures and avatars.

Thank you all, and I wish you the best of luck with the rest of life. It was great to be part of a community for so long, and get to know so many people accross the world,

Farewell WMI,

Comment by: T @ 17:34, Thursday, January 17, 2008
oh no. NOOOOOOOO!!!! I'm deprived of internet for almost a year and come back to find THIS?!! Aw :'(

.......Too bad the reasons are painfully sane :(

Fine. I shall wait for WMI's return when MI5 comes out ;) Fear not! For it is not goodbye, but just... until next time... *winks*

Thanks for everything WMI!

Comment by: herr3eert @ 21:47, Monday, January 14, 2008
Hi, as the many other guys here I just want to say thanks for your work at this website. Was also great to come here. I hope you will leave the page online so we can use even when its not up to date, because the information on this website is great.
Hope we'll see you again, when sooner or later MI5 WILL be released.
Kind regards

Comment by: Reaper @ 02:25, Saturday, January 12, 2008
BUT WAT ABOUT THIS??/ "James, the fifth Monkey Island is coming. I know some of the guys who worked on the music compositions for the original PC classics, and they say that it is currently being planned amidst rumors. However, LucasArts has so many things on its belt right now, including a Wii title that has yet to be named. Don’t expect any revitalizations of its classic graphic adventures until 2008 at the earliest. As for Grim Fandango specifically, the future for it right now is looking… well… grim."

Comment by: aubrianne_c @ 19:34, Friday, January 11, 2008
Just wanted to say thanks and goodbye. Since the first time I stumbled onto this site looking for help with my insult swordfighting in sixth grade, I've beed a regular visitor and i'm sad to you go. So long and thanks for all the fish. Er, memories.

Comment by: captainjorge @ 16:26, Thursday, January 10, 2008
Ye will be missed!

Fair Winds and following seas.

Comment by: plunderbunny481 @ 00:33, Thursday, January 10, 2008
Sorry to hear it!! But thanks for all the years of fun!! (And hard work!!)

Comment by: GamerErman @ 10:51, Wednesday, January 9, 2008
Well, now that I see you say the website and forum will still be online, I really don't mind.

Comment by: Donkey @ 16:59, Tuesday, January 8, 2008
;'(... Well... Thanks for the time.. And sooner or later you'll be back..


Comment by: Argusk @ 06:12, Monday, January 7, 2008
This wonderful site will be missed; it was my escape from the real world. I haven't been a member of this site long but I have been a visitor for a long time and it has inspired me to dust off my Monkey Island CDs. All the best for the future and God bless. :) Thanks Dalixam.
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Comment by: dragolad @ 23:38, Sunday, January 6, 2008
in the immortal words of a very wise man this isn't the end only
a new beginning. i hope this is so and i just wanted to say to Dalixam as much as it was your choice to close WMI because
of the lack of free time i hope that either MI5 comes out soon or you find the time to operate the site. thanks for some of the best days in my life WMI you will be missed greatly.

Comment by: HomerSimpson @ 12:14, Saturday, January 5, 2008
I would have posted this as soon as this news post went up, for some really odd reason my account got deleted and it wouldn't let me login. Anyway:

I'm really sad that the site is closing. I love Monkey Island and I love this site. I enjoyed coming here and checking the latest news, awaiting the interesting articles that would be posted.

You rock, guys.


Comment by: Agrajag @ 14:52, Friday, January 4, 2008
Well... so this is the end of the last Monkey Island side which survived all these years and which was still updated with new stuff...

I'm really sad about the closing of this side because this side was always worth visiting and got very interessting content about fanstuff other adventures and much more things...

I would like to scream some insults at the-person-who-closes-this-webside-and-who-fights-like-a-dairy-farmer but in fact it wouldn't help so instead i say thank you very much for keeping this side up to date for so long time.
I'm sure not many people would have done so much work for so long time.

I'll miss this side, but maybe now it's time to visit the forum a bit more often..

So i wish you a happy new year and a successful further life..
As Artemio already said; so long and thanks for all the fish ^^

PS; by now Gmail gives you 6,2 GB mailspace
PPS; sorry for my not-perfect english ;-)
Edited 1 time(s)

Comment by: Timbo @ 13:39, Friday, January 4, 2008
i also understand your decision to close the side. just wanted to thank you for one of my favourite websites, and obviously the best one of our favourite game! i had lots of fun scrambling through all the news, for i haven´t been in the community too long. thanks again and good luck!
hopefully monkey island 5 gets announced^^ (in 10 years or so)

Comment by: cronny @ 07:53, Friday, January 4, 2008
I'm disappointed to see one of the oldest staples of my web-browsing habits go the way of the Scumm Bar. Once upon a time I was made a news updater. I've always felt guilty about dropping the ball on that. Thanks for everything, WMI.

Comment by: Dalixam @ 23:38, Thursday, January 3, 2008
Thank you very much everyone for the nice words about me and WMI. It truly means a lot to me to hear your feelings about this site. I was afraid there would be lots of angry comments, but I am glad to read you all understand and support my decision.

Reading all your fond memories about this site makes me want to rewrite the news post. I should also have mentioned how this site followed me through two schools, years of having a job, several different computers, five houses/apartments, lots of toothbrushes and 10 years of my life.

I am sure I will think of more things I should have said and I could probably go on forever, but once again I thank you for all your nice comments. This is exactly the kind of closure I was hoping for.

WMI is closing, but Monkey Island lives on and so does the forums and the MIwiki.

Bye and thanks for 10 great years!
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Comment by: monkey-island-gaming @ 18:30, Thursday, January 3, 2008
World of Monkey Island was (and is) an interesting and remarkable site, the best site about MI games ever known. Skillfully programmed and nicely designed, it looks itself as a game. Although there are no more Monkey Island games since 2000, the news about other interesting subjects continued to appear for c.8years. This was a good job to keep visitors informed all the time!
I have enjoyed visiting this site for 3years and tell special thanks to Dalixam and other people who worked hard to make and keep the site for 10 years!
And because many visitors will be able to read this site and write in forums, WMI site has not ended;)
Also I think, that MI games will become more popular in the future, that would may be a reason to make MI5;)
MI games are better known because of this site, and I think, WMI is the best adventure game site in the Internet!

Comment by: Anne-Marie @ 06:33, Thursday, January 3, 2008
Yeah and..

Comment by: Anne-Marie @ 06:29, Thursday, January 3, 2008
And I was just about to post my own addition to the fan-art. It was really cool too.

Although this site dies, the MI era will never die, not as long as we have Guybrush in our hearts.

I was reading the boards of MI on IMDB, and the idea of an animated MI-movie came up.
Anyway, I thought that was a great idea. Maybe us fans could make it happen... somehow.

Comment by: ahmad @ 04:57, Thursday, January 3, 2008
(Sigh) I guess no great thing can last forever. It's been four years and two months since I first found my way onto this site with nothing more than a thirst for a good old fashioned adventure game to get a break from all the pointless shooters and button mashers that had plagued the consoles.
In the years that followed I, like many of the users here, checked this site at the very least weekly as time went on to see how my favorite game was doing. I truly feel like a funeral should be held or something. If I could, I'd willingly cry for what's being taken away from this world. So without babbling on, here's a shout-out to the greatest fan site ever made for a video game. Here's another shout-out to the most creatively unique and my personal favorite video game of all time. Here's a shout-out to those original gods of Lucasarts who made those games happen, especially to Ron Gilbert. And most of all, here's a compasionate shout-out to the hundreds of fans across the world that allowed this site to keep going for ten awe-inspiring years.

I never thought I'd here raven say this, but in the words of raven himself:


Rest in Peace World of Monkey Island...You will be greatly missed. I'm speaking for hundreds when I say I hope that there may come a reason in the future when this site can start up again if you catch my drift.

Comment by: kr @ 02:33, Thursday, January 3, 2008
Well, first off, I just wanna give a big thanks to Ken and all the others for providing such a HUGE and thorough source of all the MI info one could hope for. This is as good as sites get and I'm glad it's staying up, even if not being updated. And while it's sad to see the close, you can't blame them, after so long and without any official MI business to keep check on.

That said, I wanted to tell all the users/supporters of WMI about the project I'm heading; an unofficial 5th game, entitled "The Love of Monkey Island". I know there are a few others out there that have been going on for a while, but this one is comprised of a very committed and intimate group of creators.

Our website is:

While the site is in a very rudimentary stage right now, with little info up yet, check it out, bookmark us, and come back often as we'll keep you up to date on the progress.

There was supposed to be an official news update about this on WMI, but with all the 10th anniversary/end of year stuff, there was some kind of mix up with schedules and e-mail messages... long story.

But the site is up for you all to check out, and I'm hoping we can possibly set up an official forum on the WMI Forums dedicated to the game so we can chat with everyone. I hope you find this project as exciting as we do, as we are putting a lot of work and perfectionism into it.

So go take a gander, and feel free to contact me from there! And in the words of Timmy the monkey: "EEE-EEE AAA, AAA, AAA OO-OO-OO"...

- Kyle R.
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Comment by: Rogy Man @ 20:06, Wednesday, January 2, 2008
I don't know why but I would come to this webiste every day. It might have been to see if another one of Paco's comic pages were posted or just out of habit. Either way this has been a site that did the the best to show the greatness that is Monkey Island. Thanks guys

Comment by: rikiki @ 16:56, Wednesday, January 2, 2008
This is sad news but I understand and keeping it running for 8 years without any new MI is a phenomenon, u should be proud, thanks for u and Haggis for the frequent updates which kept me coming to the site.

Lastly a BIG Thank You and Happy New Year!
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Comment by: wallybfeed @ 16:24, Wednesday, January 2, 2008
Well this is pretty sad news! I understand how you feel and I would reiterate the point made earlier that going out with the wiki is probably the best way. [The rate at which content is being added to the wiki looks like we could reverse engineer every game by 2010!].

Thanks for keeping the community alive during such a lull in what I hope will be a rich and continuing history of everything Monkey Island!

See you all in the forums for a celebratory grog!

-Wally B. Feed

Comment by: Junaid @ 13:56, Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Well I suppose it wasn't unavoidable but hey, now they've got another reason to make Monkey Island 5.
I've been coming to this site since the beginning so it's all a bit surreal. Like many, I've spent hours browsing the in-joke section, it's something you can be really proud of.

Thank you for making me a moderator all those years back, even when I was a eleven year old annoying little pain in the digital ass...

This site with all it's art and content made me look deeper at the games for inspiration and I will never forget that.

So Dalixam, again, thanks!
Sorry I haven't been as active as before on the forums but let's all hope to come back someday with some Monkey Island 5 news to report!

So say we all!
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Comment by: Ryback @ 13:41, Wednesday, January 2, 2008
Oh man...

Well, we all have to say goodbye sometime. And you haven't left anything unsaid.

Big, BIG kudos to Dalixam and Haggis for the way they've run the website and the front page over the past few years. News was slim but there was still a new story every week, sometimes every day. I don't know how you guys found the energy to keep doing that.

All the best, Ken.

Comment by: turkotati @ 01:14, Wednesday, January 2, 2008
Ohhh it is a pity, but ... Why close? In the long run will draft fans and other things ... It is the best site of Monkey Island, if anything we can do ... : (

Comment by: podricn @ 19:59, Tuesday, January 1, 2008
R.I.P. I will miss you...

Comment by: vegas559 @ 19:48, Tuesday, January 1, 2008
Erm all i can say is play the games one more time and you will want to re open the site ;)

Ive got to drive all the way to majorca so while its not my turn to drive i have decided to play them all again :D + more!

All i can say is im going to try and become UBER wealthy and by the rights then get rod to finish his story ;)


well played womi!

Comment by: Whitetea @ 18:26, Tuesday, January 1, 2008
Aww... You fooled me with all these updates. I thought the site was being regenerated since most websites die with a whimper instead of a bang! And the skull? I thought it was going to be a section dedicated to Murray or something, lol.

All the same, I of all people can't criticize you for burning out. I've put many of my own sites down, and much less delicately at that. I'll miss you, WoMI! Just like I miss the ScummBar. Take care!

Comment by: banshie @ 16:32, Tuesday, January 1, 2008
This is just one more nail in the coffin of something I loved so much.

Just sad...
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Comment by: I say I say, a pirate @ 14:46, Tuesday, January 1, 2008
Just wanted to say that WMI has been fantastic over the last 10 years, I think I first came to the site in 2002 and its been brilliant, even years after LucasArts released their last Monkey Island game. The community has been brilliant on the forums and in the fan section and I'm so glad Paco is continuing with the MI Comic, always a favourite on this site.
Thanks again for WMI, and all the best in 2008.

Comment by: Haxaty @ 14:06, Tuesday, January 1, 2008
Dear Dalixam,

This site has always been the greatest Monkey Island site: not only because of the enormous amount of content (the injokes section especially!), but also because of your excellent additions over the years (like the information about the islands).

Also, you not only managed a site, but an entire WMI community with fun concepts like the Punchlines. Your fan creations section is also awesome, especially since I remember that you learned PHP just to make this site as good as possible.

I have enjoyed browsing this site for many years. Since I stumbled upon the obscure site with an original Iris Dragt logo, I have often returned to enjoy the new content and updates. The addition of Paco to the staff was also a stroke of genius (which I here attribute to you, as I don't know the truth and don't care, it's all you Dalixam baby). With your content and Paco's drawings, this site is just as good an experience as playing a MI game.

Lately, I have been replaying all the Monkey Island games with my girlfriend (we're playing CMI at the moment). After years of not actually playing the games (in which I still visited your site at least once a week..), it impelled me to explore your content again as if for the first time. Though I have aged a lot since my first visit, the experience was, remarkably, as thrilling.

You´ve built a great site and community, and I will always remember it fondly. The way you are closing this site, with the building of the miwiki site, is a true sign of your excellent style.

Best of luck with your future endeavours. But if you handle them the same as you did the WMI this decennium, you´ll surely not need any luck.

Many people think of Ron Gilbert or other people as the creators of Monkey Island. However, the one name that is most intricately tied to the memories and the experience of the actual Monkey Island games is yours, Dalixam!

Hax (& girlfriend; we'll be sure to tell the grandchildren of your heroics too ;))
Edited 1 time(s)

Comment by: flooring inspector @ 07:56, Tuesday, January 1, 2008
Even know this site is coming to an end, monkey island will live on forever. Its still amazing to think that such a community still exists after so many years, that our love for MI has lasted this long. I hope this love lasts for many more years, i will never forget MI or this amazing site. Thank you so much!

Comment by: corentin @ 00:25, Tuesday, January 1, 2008
Et bien voilà...
J'écrit en Francais, excusez moi, mais je n'aurais pas su m'exprimer correctement en anglais.
Tout simplement, je vous remercie également pour avoir maintenu en vie un peu plus longtemps ce souvenir d'enfance qu'est Monkey Island. J'ai énormément apprécié votre site et sa fermeture s'annonce comme un choc. Je vous souhaite tout de meme une bonne continuation, en espérant de tout coeur un MI5 et votre retour.
Puisse Guybrush ne pas tomber dans l'oubli...

Comment by: peterszky @ 22:22, Monday, December 31, 2007

Comment by: Augustus @ 20:18, Monday, December 31, 2007
I can't believe it's been around six years or so since I started visiting here, but I loved every minute of it. I'm thankful for those six years though, extremely thankful. It's sad in some ways, but good stuff still continues at least, and you went out with style.
Hope you still visit once in a while Dalixam,


Comment by: Haggis @ 17:51, Monday, December 31, 2007
And remember that it's not just about posting news... Dalixam has dedicated much of his time to keep everything running technically, and also updating all the other parts of the site, like the fan art section, the trivia section, et cetera. There aren't many people who are willing to invest so much time into a project, and for that, Dalixam deserves a huge pat on the back, if not a hug.

Comment by: Marley# @ 17:45, Monday, December 31, 2007
Anybody could ay they will take over the site, i'd love to. But it's whether they have the expertise and know how to run the site, and have the time available not just to make changes etc. but also scoure the internet for possible news posts. And for me, that would be a no.

Comment by: Rogue Pirate King @ 17:43, Monday, December 31, 2007
I've been constantly checking the news updates of this site since EFMI was released in 2000, but only recently did I join the site and forum, so it saddens me that I made that decision rather late.

Obviously the fact that the very patient staff, Dalixam and Haggis in particular, have been so hard at work keeping the site alive with news updates so long after the MI series was no longer active and the other sites dried up deserves huge commendation and congratulation - thank you all so much for keeping the interest in the MI series alive so long, and I hope that, despite the end of the news, fans will continue to flock here and the forums to sample all of the content you have given us over the many years.

I still find it like the end of a very important time in my life, when the single site I've been visiting the most for the last 7 (almost 8) years ends its activity.

Dalixam stated he asked several people to continue the site, but they declined. Personally I hope that another MI fan will stand up and say they'd like to take on the site to keep it alive - I truly believe the existence of this site would be one major reason why the MI series might one day continue - if Lucasarts see that it's still alive in a few years, perhaps that will help convince them to make MI 5. For that very hope, I beseech some kind, willing MI fan to take Dalixam's offer keep the site alive, even if it only means occasional updates - some news is better than none.

Comment by: Artemio @ 17:39, Monday, December 31, 2007
I understand your decision as well, and applaud you for the incredible site and dedication you have put into it.

Have an excellent new year and thanks for all the fish.

Comment by: Marley# @ 17:08, Monday, December 31, 2007
I may be relatively new to this site but have been here since i first played a Monkey Island game, 18 months back, and have loved coming here to speak about MI.

I may have only been here a short time but it's been a great time, i have witnessed the closing of the SCMM bar site (even though posts did stop a while back), Paco's artwork returning and all the information about the monkey Island movie becoming PotC.

Great that the forums are still active, i'll keep visiting and the first thing i thought when i saw thins news was Paco's recently re-active rt work so i am glad that is continuing and i hope it will for some time.

you're right though, there is no real MI news, though i suppose we'll all be back with MI5, i'm staying optimistic though can not help but have a hint of pessimism with the biggest fan site on the internet for MI closing down. On to Mixnmojo then for the news. It's been a great 10 year anniversary, the MIwiki is amazing.

Comment by: Neil Joshi @ 15:53, Monday, December 31, 2007
Not that I've been here for a while, but it's always been a comfort knowing WMI was still online where all the other sites had gone down. Even still, I understand why it's had to die now, it had a good run and I offer much respect for keeping it going for 10 years. Well done and good luck in everything to come. Lets hope this was just the beginning for you guys.

Comment by: covskin @ 15:45, Monday, December 31, 2007
This is indeed a sad day, but I cannot honestly blame you at all for your decision.

When you promised all this stuff on the tenth birthday I was incredibly surprised that you still had things lined up for the site, but now I see it was a last hurrah, going out with a bang. And I'd say you most certainly did that.

Congratulations, and thanks for everything you've done here. Its been appreciated.

Comment by: CaptainNiamhy @ 13:30, Monday, December 31, 2007
:'( Nooooo!
This is a very sad day!

Well done for keeping this website so strong.
You will; be missed


Comment by: BeeKay84 @ 13:29, Monday, December 31, 2007
Oh no, this can't be serious. This is so sad. :(
But as long as it doesn't mean, like, "take the site and all its fantastic content off the net forever", I can understand your decision. I only hope you'll stop by sometimes. We'll miss you big time. Thanks for everything, man! :´)
This has been one of my all-time favorite websites for years, though I've only registered a few months ago. I do hope we can still send in fanart, trivia and stuff like that, and we still get to see new pages of Paco's brilliant comic! And of course, we'll still have the forums.
But I'm really sad about this last "prophecy". Hope we all still have a happy new year now...

Comment by: Kubat @ 13:12, Monday, December 31, 2007
Sad, sad day indeed... :((((
It will make my new year so... uh...
But true... the MI news are very scarse nowdays , MI is dying and rebirth of MI 5 (or something) is a thing of the past , who would play such game now !?
Who needs humour when they've got action !
Anyway great work, hope the site hangs for another 10 years and we will see the end of Pacos Comic!
I've been visiting the site for 5 years bookmarked it on all of my computers: work, home, school :)

Comment by: Gabez @ 12:50, Monday, December 31, 2007
Sad to hear about your decision, but it's obviously one that I relate to! I hope that this is indeed "see you soon" rather than "goodbye forever" (but that's up to LucasArts) and with the site still up and comic and forums still active, it won't really be death at all. Just sleeping.

Well done for 10 years of a brilliant web-site!

Comment by: mutajon @ 10:30, Monday, December 31, 2007
Indeed wow...

While I'm not one of the regular people of the site's community I did, like so many others, enjoyed dropping by every once in while to check up cool info about the games and to see what's new (maybe even post a thing or two), and I would always find a truly exceptional site in which great dedication is evident in every corner...
It's a sad day indeed, and in a way, it also feels to me like another nail in the Monkey Island's coffin :.( At the same time it's also understandable so don't feel too bad with yourself ;)

I thank you so very much for everything and wish you all the best and more in the future.

Edited 3 time(s)

Comment by: Fearless Flying Monkey @ 10:22, Monday, December 31, 2007
Well thanks for all your hard work over the years, its been great, particularly since the lack of any real news for most of it (nearly all of it). It's amazing it's been going this long, but I'm upset, I need to find a new hompage now :'( We will be missing you Dalixam and all the work you've done for us.

Comment by: KGB @ 09:58, Monday, December 31, 2007
Wow, tough one. I've been here since... 2003? A little before the site crashed for quite a long time, whatever it was for. I started posting around 2005, I think, and anyway...
It was great having the site. It has a great community, it has all the information an MI fan could ever ask for, a wonderful design and a lovely crew. I -had- read the history site, quite a long time ago, and it's really amazing what came out of this site.
I shouldn't be here right now anyway, it's a pure coincidence, I know I haven't been here quite a time; I just wanted to say I was sorry I couldn't help with the MI wiki, and apologize for being a burdon. If I knew it was a sort of goodbye, opening a blank page, I might have tried a little harder, but anyway I didn't, so I'm sorry.
Well, it's not the first time something ends for me, but this was truly unpredictable. The Voodoo Lady? I thought it was just a pretty skull. It's tough for someone to see the site ends when it reaches a 10 YEARS ANNIVERSARY, and seems to be in it's golden age, but then again, it must be harder for the administrators.
For most it might sound like a joke, but WoMI was far more than MI, after all. I haven't played an MI game for about two years, maybe more. As far as I see it WoMI was a strong commitment, it's a great example how greatness can come out of nothing. I encourage raVen's recommendation, check the site history. If you don't care for it, at least check out the first image. It's quite funny when you think about it.

Comment by: raven_image @ 07:29, Monday, December 31, 2007
Nothing good lasts forever. I've known for a few months but seeing the announcement brought it all home with a sickening *thud* It feels like a part of me has been torn out. This site has been bookmarked since 2000--through 2 computers and 3 different browsers.

Dalixam and Paco have every right to be proud of this site. For those who haven't seen it, I recommend looking at the site's history. More than ever, it makes me nostalgic and *sniffy*

Then again, I have been drinking steadily since 9 a.m.

I have such respect for D&P that I'm going to use a phrase I seldom use here. I know, people use this phrase all the time, so it's meaning is rendered a cliché but I truly mean it.


You have my respect and all my best wishes for the future.

Comment by: r2d2 @ 07:21, Monday, December 31, 2007
I don't really know what to say.

I haven't been a frequent poster on WMI, but I've always enjoyed visiting this site. I've been a member of it since I was... Oh God, since I was ten, I think. I haven't always read the news, there's been times where I haven't visited for weeks on end, and when I first joined, I started (unknowingly) spamming the forums, but I've just always known that WMI was here.
I guess it still is, but I'm gonna miss you, Dalixam. Your signature always makes me laugh :-D Keep safe and take care of yourself, ok? Don't forget to visit us all here occasionally.
PS. This was origianlly going to be a lot sappier. Just be happy that I decided to cut down on the fluff.

Comment by: Herman Toothdecay @ 05:31, Monday, December 31, 2007
Heh... been wondering when this would happen =) . You've done a great job keeping the site up to date with fresh MI stuff, but as you said there really isn't much to do anymore. Heck, the last MI game was announced 8 years ago; 8 YEARS!

Thank you so much for your work here. World of MI has been on my Firefox bookmarks toolbar for as long as I can remember and I will sincerely miss the MI news.

Comment by: McPirate @ 04:43, Monday, December 31, 2007
Thanks indeed.
This has been a cozy comunity for many years. It has been a great ride. Good luck onwards to all those leaving.

Comment by: fanatic @ 04:38, Monday, December 31, 2007
Just. Wow.
I understand this decision, and I can't say I'm too surprised. Congratulations to raVen, as I'm sure he'll do a fine job. I've been a member here since 2001 but I frequented it since the early early days. Hopefully this doesn't mean your complete removal from WMI (in other words, hopefully you'll still be around occasionally), if however this IS the last of Dalx, :(, you will be greatly missed. In any case, thank you for everything throughout the years.

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