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24th December 1997

I have made a big Christmas update. I now have a guestbook :) Please sign in! And I have added 2 new midi´s from MI2 in the download section. There is also an interview with Ron Gilbert available. And there are now 28 mp3´s from CMI in the download section, many, many thanks to Dark Empire. Merry Christmas to all.

19th December 1997

Welcome to my Christmas update. There are now 15 mp3´s from CMI in the download section. Thanks to Dark Empire for making them.

10th December 1997

My CMI download section, with mp3 files, are working again!!!! There are 7 mp3s from CMI available. Check them out.

8th December 1997

I was notified that my mp3 files is not working, but I am trying to find the problem. For now 2 mp3 files are available. And now I also support The Murray Rocks Campaign.

3rd December 1997

I have changed the layout a bit. (You are probably tired of that message) But now I´m satisfied with the layout. (As long as it last!) AND...8 mp3 files from CMI!!! are now available! Find them in the download section!!!!

1st December 1997

I have done a major update with the layout. It´s almost the way I wan´t it, but I will still change it a bit. The pages about Monkey Island 1 & 2 are not working yet, but they will be up soon. I have also added 2 new midi´s from LeChuck´s Revenge to the Download section.

26th November 1997

A quick update. I have changed the looks a bit...again. And my link section is up and running.

25th November 1997

I have added some information in the info section. There´s something about versions of MI1 and about the clock on Plunder Island.

21th November 1997

As you can see I have given my page a good facelift and I have added walkthroughs for all 3 games, including CMI. You can find them in the cheat section, also known as LeChuck´s fortress.

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