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31st December 1998

Happy New Year!
Happy New Year!
I can promise you new sections in the next year and the surprise I promised you a few months ago is coming soon.......

A Grim Fandango patch has been released.
It fixed things like reported problems associated with having a very fast machine (Pentium II-400 and faster), a crash associated with copying over all the .LAB files from users’ CDs to their hard drives, and some other problems. It also adds on-screen text for cutscenes. This patch is completely compatible with your saved games.
It also corrects several other bugs.
Head over to the official Grim Fandango spotlight page for more info and to download the patch.

24th December 1998

Merry Christmas!
Merry Christmas to you all!
I saw this over at Stargazy Studios website:

"Monkey" wins an Annie

November 18, 1998 - We're happy to report that LEC's "The Curse of Monkey Island"™, co-designed/project led by Jonathan Ackley, just won the coveted Annie Award for "Outstanding Achievement in an Animated Interactive Production."   The International Animated Film Society (ASIFA), awards Annies as "the highest honor given for excellence in animation."  Congratulations to the whole "Monkey" team.

Merry Christmas!

20th December 1998

New Ron Gilbert interview.
The Finnish magazine Pelit-lehti has a new interview with Ron Gilbert about his company Cavedog and a little about Monkey Island. The interview has been translated and is located at the Scumm Bar.
More hints for all 3 games are added.

15th December 1998

New midis.
Highland Productions has released 3 new MI2 midis, find them in the download section.
Iris Dragt, maker of the Monkey Island comic, has made a great picture of Elaine, you can see it in the fan art section, also 2 MI2 in-jokes have been updated.
Donīt know what to wish for under the tree this year? Well, I have two great ideas:
The Curse of Monkey Island. Of course! If you havenīt already got it, wish for it now! Itīs a must for all adventure fans.
Grim Fandango. Yes! LucasArtsī latest adventure is brilliant. Itīs LucasArtsī first 3D adventure and it turned out great! The graphic is excellent, the music is stunning, and the story is one of the best I have ever seen in an adventure game. Wish for it!

7th December 1998

A new chance for Monkey Island 4?
Sorry for the lack of updates lately, but there hasnīt been a lot of MI news in the last week, except this.............
I saw this over at the Scumm bar:
There is a chance that Ron Gilbertīs company, Cavedog, will buy the license to make Monkey Island 4.
In issue 71 of Pc Zone they have an article on Cavegodīs game, Total Annihilation: Kingdoms. They also mentioned what the future of Cavedog will look like, this is what they said:

2000: With a bit of luck we'll see the likes of Total Annihilation II (and if Ron Gilbert had the money to buy back the license, Monkey Island 4).

This means that Ron Gilbert is interested in making Monkey Island 4, but needs the money to buy the license from LucasArts.
But I have my doubts. Even if he had the money I doubt LucasArts will sell the license, since the Monkey Island series is one of their biggest successes ever, but then again, Ron Gilbert did make MI1 & MI2, so they might think that MI is in good hands with him, so letīs keep our fingers crossed. If Ron Gilbert makes MI4 we might learn the secret of Monkey Island, since it was implemented in his version of MI3.

29th November 1998

Dominicīs demo.
Dominic Armato (voice of Guybrush) has added his   new animation voiceover demo at his homepage. It can be found in his "work" section.
There is a problem with the mp3īs, but I am trying to solve the problem. Check back for updates on it.
A new MI1 in-joke, and a new MI2 hint has been added. Also a MI3 in-joke has been updated.

21st November 1998

Next part of the Big Whoop chronicles.
Yes, the second part of the fan novel: The Big Whoop Chronicles by Chris Ushko is ready and itīs entitled The Youth Conquest.
Also page 13 of the Monkey Island comic is done.
A new reference is added, a MI3 in-joke has been updated and more hints for MI2 is added.
Jonathan Ackleyīs new company, Stargazy Studios has got its own website.

14th November 1998

A sad departure and two enjoyable articles.
Jonathan Ackley, co-designer on The Curse of Monkey Island, has left LucasArts to start his own company with his wife, rumored to called Stargazy Studios. This adds to the question: Will there ever be a MI4? Iīm sad he left LucasArts, but I wishes him the best of luck with his new company and hopefully we will get some great games from him :)
GameSpot has a big article about working at LucasArts. Itīs great!
Also Gamespot UK has an article about Ron Gilbertīs company Cavedog. It has an interview with Ron Gilbert, as well as info about their upcoming games.
Fan music, a new area of Fan creations, have been opened and some problems with the Fan art page have been corrected.
The layout poll has closed and  172 voted. 51 % love it,  24 % thinks itīs ok, 10 % doesnīt like it an 14 % didnīt know it changed :)

7th November 1998

A novel and a midi. A new area of Fan creations has been opened with a novel by Chris Ushko entitled The Big Whoop Chronicles - The Devilīs Triangle. It takes place in the time between Monkey Island 1 & 2. Read it now! A new midi is also available.HighLand Productions has released cmiintro ,which is, yep, you guessed it, the introduction to CMI.

31st October 1998

Grim Fandango and guestbook madness. Sorry for the lack of updates. Happy Halloween! Grim Fandango is out! Yes, it has been released in the US today on Halloween. It will be in Europe on Friday the 13th of November. Creepy dates :) I discovered that my guestbook had a limit of 250 visitors, so when nr. 251 signed it, nr.1 was deleted and so on. The only answer was to save the first 250 in a html file and then clear the guestbook. So I did :) There are now room for 250 new people to sign it. The first 250 can be seen under "view my guestbook" A few is missing unfortunately, because they were deleted before I discovered the problem :(
Fan art has been renamed to "Fan creations" so now there can be more than fan art in there, so if you have some art, a novel, or something else, mail me! 2 new fan art pictures have been added.
More in-jokes for MI1 and a few new references have been added under "Funny things" Also more hints for MI1 and MI2 have been added.

20th October 1998

Happy birthday!!! Yes, today it is 1 year since I started this page and I am celebrating it with a lot of things. I had a poll about whether or not I should use frames. 66 % wanted frames, so I have made an entire new layout. I now use frames and when a text has this color it means itīs a link. 2 new sections have opened: IRC chat & credits. In IRC chat you can read about the weekly Monkey Island meetings and how you can participate in them. In credits you can see a list of the names of people who have contributed to this page. Unfortunately I have started it to late so a lot of people are not listed there, sorry, but all who contributes in the future will have their name there.

Also more hints, in-jokes, things you might not know, and fan art have been added and the music has changed :) There are a poll about the new layout. Please give your vote. The poll can be found in the right column.

More new sections and layout changes will follow with future updates

11th October 1998

Comic. Page 12 of the comic is done and more in-jokes have been added for MI1 and MI3 together with a new reference. Also, a new clue from MI3, that gives a hint about a possible MI4, have been added on the MI4 page.

I have 2 BIG surprises for you and the first one will be revealed on the 20th of October, so be sure to check back here on the 20th of October........

6th October 1998

Hints. Sorry for the lack of updates, but there hasnīt really been any Monkey Island news lately, but for now are some more hints for MI2.

The poll, about whether or not I should use frames, has ended. 66 % think I should use frames, so I will soon change this page into a frames page.

27th September 1998

Fan art. A new section has been added, Fan art. Here you can send in you own Monkey Island creions.

More hints for all 3 games and 2 new in-jokes for MI3 are added. 

20th September 1998

Midiīs. More in-jokes have been added for all 3 games and HighLand Productions have made 5 new midiīs from MI2. They can be found in my download section.

Adventure Fan has re-opened with a new name, Adventure Central

12th September 1998

Monkey 4 page. Iīve added a page with rumors and facts for a possible Monkey Island 4.

The Michael Land homepage has a new interview with Michael Land, so head over there and read it.

LucasArts had made a deal with Activision about distribution of their games in Europe, that means that LucasArtīs games will no loner be distributed by Virgin, but by Activision.

7th September 1998

In-jokes. A new in-joke has been added for MI2 and MI3.

PC Gamer has again released itīs list of the TOP 50 Games of all Time. The Curse of Monkey Island is #33. Other LucasArts games is Tie Fighter at #4, Jedi Knight #1, Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis #41 and Sam & Max at #10. (Source: Lucasgames).

1st September 1998

Mods. Mods have been added to the download section and more hints for MI2 and MI3 are also added. I have also changed the music on the page, Iīm now playing Mi2gm15 - The cemetery.

25th August 1998

Poll results. 92 % voted yes to polls and 8 % said no, so from now on there will be a poll on this page, which will change frequently. The new poll is: Should I convert this page into a frames page? I had this question in my survey, but I still have my doubts, so please give your vote. Plunder Island send a petition about a Monkey Island 4 to LucasArts and got a response. Head over there to see it. A new page has opened. It covers adventure games, not only from LucasArts, but also other companies like Sierra, itīs Adventure Fan.

20th August 1998

Midi, comic, poll and a lot more. Page 11 of the comic is done and 2 new midiīs from LeChuckīs revenge are added. More in-jokes from MI2 & MI3 are added together with a new reference. It seems like everyone has gone crazy with polls, so I thought: Should I have one too? Thatīs why I have added a poll to the right, about whether or not I should have a poll :) If a poll is added it will change frequently, but will not only be about Monkey Island, it will also be about this page, like: Should I do this? or What about this? But I didnīt want to add a poll if you donīt want it, so therefor, take a second and answer the poll to the right. Thank you.

15th August 1998

CMI mp3īs! All the CMI mp3īs are back online! Yep, that's right. Thanks to Jakob Hoppermann who told me where I could find them. Also more hints are added for MI1 and LucasArts has put up a survey about the Grim Fandango demo, so if youīve played the demo, fill out the survey.

10th August 1998

Funny things, comic, midi........ More Funny things from MI3, more references and a new CMI midi are added. The 10th page of the Monkey Island comic is available and Iris Dragt (who makes the comic) has changed her page and renamed it to Skull Island.

3rd August 1998

Newsletter and insults. The newsletter poll is over and most people would sign up for a newsletter if I had one, so now I have :) Sign up for The Monkey Island newsletter now and get the latest monkey news right in your mailbox! If you want a little information about the newsletter, then press here. I have also added insults and responses for the sword fighting in MI1 and MI3 find them in the game sections or under the hints.

29th July 1998

Poll. I have added a poll to the right about whether or not I should have a newsletter. Please take a second to answer it. Thank you.

26th July 1998

8 CMI mp3īs! Another new CMI mp3 is available and 7 of Dark Empires CMI mp3īs are back online. Hurry and download them :) I got a letter from an anonymous person about saving 2D adventure games and how we can help. Click here to read the letter and help save 2D adventure games. The survey has ended.

24th July 1998

A new CMI mp3 and new savegames. Itai Raveh grabbed the CMI theme and made it into a mp3 file. Itīs not the best quality, but at least itīs made :) Savegames for the 256 color disc version of MI1 are available and a new savegame, that starts after the singing in Part III of MI3, are also available.

21st July 1998

A big update with a new Funny things section. As you probably already have noticed I have changed the layout a little. My Funny things section has been completely updated with lots of new in-jokes from all 3 games, a page with references from other games and pages with things you may not know about the 3 games. And finally a page with all the old news and more hints for all 3 games are added.

18th July 1998

Midiīs. Sorry for this late update. My modem broke (my speaker fell on it!) and I just got a new one. There are lots of new midiīs with this update! There are 18 new midiīs! 5 from MI1, 12 from MI2 and 1 from MI3. For you Spanish-speaking people there are a new site about LucasArts in Spanish, but the author says that it will also be made in English. The address are:

1st July 1998

Link to interviews. I have added links to interviews on other pages. More hints for  MI3 are added.

26nd June 1998

Music and comic. A new midi from MI2 and a new midi from MI3 are added. Page 9 of the comic are available.

23rd June 1998

Different things :) Alberto Joel Natal send me a picture of Guybrush he made. Check it out. D.F. Warrick send me an email saying he wants his site to be known, so check it out :) Two new hints for MI1 are added. The survey is still up.

20th June 1998

Big update. The quote section has been updated with a form you have fill out when submitting a quote, itīs much easier. There is two new midiīs from CMI available and all the midiīs have been zipped in one zip-file for easy download, and page 8 of the Monkey Island comic is finished. The survey is still up an to you who hasnīt answered it, please do.

15th June 1998

New logo, music, and a survey! Iris Dragt was kind enough to draw me a new logo and itīs great! Thanks Iris :) I made a survey about my page and I would like you to answer it. It wonīt take very long and it will help me make this page better. And again itīs time to change the music, now Iīm playing mi2gm13 - Phatt Island map.

13th June 1998

New midiīs and comic page. Page nr. 7 has been added to the Monkey Island comic, and 2 new midiīs from Monkey Island 2 are added and new hints for MI2 and MI3 are also added.

10th June 1998

The Monkey Island comic on this page! Iris Dragt, who is making the Monkey Island comic, was kind enough to give me permission to put the comic on my page.Thanks Iris! So here it is: The Monkey Island comic.

7th June 1998

Logo and button contest. I need a new logo and I need a button. My current logo is not very good and since I donīt have many creative skills, I was hoping that some of you would contribute to my page and make some great logoīs or buttons. As said before I need a logo and a button. Please send your contributions to me here. I leave it to you how to design the logoīs and buttons, but I have 1 request. On the logo I would like my shortcut, , to be on. Thanks.

5th June 1998

New pictures. Bellevue Manor send me a zip file with some pictures from Monkey Island 1 that are great as backgrounds in windows, they can be found in download section under "pictures". sorry for not adding them sooner. 2 new hints for MI1 are also added.

2nd June 1998

A lot of news. An interview from 1990 with Ron Gilbert is available at The Monkey Island Scummbar. Iris Dragt is in the process of making a Monkey Island comic. Itīs based on The Secret of Monkey Island and so far there are 4 pictures. Check it out! LucasArts has made a preview showcase with previews and screenshots of their upcoming games, such as "Grim Fandango" and "Indiana Jones and The Infernal Machine" More hints for MI3 are added.

29th May 1998

Funny things. A lot more funny things are added for Monkey Island 3. Also more hints for MI2 & MI3 are added.

22nd May 1998

More hints. This is a small update. More hints for MI1 & MI3 are added.

17th May 1998

CMI midis. A new company has started, itīs HighLand Productions. They will make midi-files from all our favorite LuccasArts games. So far they have made one from Zak McKracken and two from CMI. The 2 from CMI can be found in my download section. Also one new hint for CMI are added.

11th May 1998

Ron Gilbert news. OGR have covered the "Computer Game Developerīs Conference" and there is an article called "Legends of Gaming" where Ron Gilbert says his opinion about The Curse of Monkey Island. He liked it, except for one it here. GameSpot has an article called "The Most Influential People of Computer Gaming" and Ron Gilbert is on #15 in The Fifteen Most Influential People in Computer Gaming of all Times. Read it here. More hints for MI1 & MI3 are added.

8th May 1998

New section. I get a lot of the same questions so I have made a "Frequently asked questions" section where you can read the most asked questions and answers. The first hint for The Secret of Monkey Island are added and more hints for MI2 and MI3 are also added. I you like my page I would appreciate it if you would vote for my page at the Worldcharts top 100. Thank you :)

29th April 1998

Hints. The first hints for The Curse of Monkey Island are added.

26st April 1998

More mp3īs. More mp3īs from MI1 & 2 are added.

21st April 1998

Short update. More hints for LeChuckīs Revenge are added and a new midi from LeChuckīs Revenge are available.

17th April 1998

Itīs my birthday :) The first hints for LeChuckīs Revenge are added. I have changed the layout of the hint pages, because I realized that it would be easier and better to make them with frames. So your browser has to support frames. Some of the CMI mp3īs are working and some arenīt. I also changed the music on the page. I thought it was time for a new tune, so now Iīm playing migm8.mid - Melee Island.

14th April 1998

2 new sections added. First there are Lyrics. A page with the lyrics to every Monkey Island song, even the special "Plank of Love" that was supposed to have been song in CMI, but they ran out of time before it was recorded. Itīs a shame, I would have loved to have heard it. But you can read the lyrics to it here in the Lyrics section. And finally I have a hint section :) But there are currently no hints, why you ask? Because I want you to email me and tell me what problem you would like a hint for. Then I will post it on the hint page. That way the hint section will have hints for the problems visitors want, instead of hints for problems I have chosen.

10th April 1998

Dominic Armato has made his own homepage, check it out! Lots of new music! 3 new midiīs are added. 1 from MI2 and 2 from CMI! There are 2 new mp3īs available, 1 from MI1 and 1 from MI2. The CMI mp3īs are currently unavailable, reason unknown :(

2nd April 1998

Exclusive interview with Dominic Armato!!! Read it here! If you donīt know who Dominic Armato is, you need to play CMI a few more times! Dominic is the guy who does Guybrushīs voice in CMI, and I got an interview with him when he visited the #monkey-island chat-channel on IRC. And because of that I have added a new page called interviews. Read the Dominic Armato interview here!

26th March 1998

I have added a new page to my download section called "patches" where you can find programs to correct different errors in The Monkey Island games. I have also removed the border around my menu.

17th March 1998

1 new Monkey Island 2 midi are added. I have also added a new page to my download section called "Win95 themes" with, as the name says, Monkey Island themes for Win95. The LucasArts Database is holding a poll for the best LucasArts game ever!

13th March 1998

My page about Monkey Island 1 - The Secret of Monkey Island, is finally up! 2 new midis from MI2 are added in the download section. I have changed the name of the "cheat" section to "walkthroughs" because, that's what it is!  :)

9th March 1998

I have added a new page called "pictures" to my download section. There you can find a collection of pictures from the Monkey Island games. I will continue to add pictures, but for now there is some really cool panoramaīs from MI1 & MI2. Check them out!

27th February 1998

cmistrat.gif (14354 bytes)

The official strategy guide for CMI is now available. Go see, buy! And there are rumors that the Monkey Island movie is once again in production. But remember, its only a rumor! For those of you who donīt know: There was talk about a Monkey Island movie back
when The Secret of Monkey Island were at its highest, but it was never made. Now it looks like it might still be made! Also, my download section have had an update in the layout. Go see! And I have added 7 mp3īs from MI1 and 1 mp3 from MI2.

22nd February 1998

Yet another big update! 2 new midis from MI2 are added in the download section. Also I have added savegames from CMI. If you want to play a part again or want to see a cutscene again, but you havenīt saved where it was. Then you can use the savegames. My page about Monkey Island 2 - LeChuckīs Revenge are finally up! I have added an Award page to my CMI page, there you can find a list of the awards CMI has won. I am not finish yet! The link section has been updated with a new look and some new links are added. There! Iīm done!

18th February 1998

Another big update! I have added 2 new midis from MI2, 2 demos from Monkey Island 1 and 1 demo from Monkey Island 2. Find it all in the download section. Here are 2 great news: CMI was voted Best Adventure Game of 1997 at GameSpot. It got 61 % of the votes!And OGR has chosen The Secret of Monkey Island as the 9th best game of all time.! Great! Also, I have joined another club.

12th February 1998

Big update! I have added 2 new midis to the download section and I have added 2 programs that you can use to grab pictures. All the mp3 files are working again. I thought it was time for a little change in music, so I have changed the music on this page.

6th February 1998

Gamespot also has a voting for game of the year. Go vote for CMI! My Monkey Island 3 page has been completely remade. Go check it out!

3rd February 1998

The PC Gamer voting has ended and the results are ready. It didnīt turn out the way I hoped for CMI, but go see for yourself. I havenīt seen any results from the Avault voting yet, but when I do I will put it on this page. The Monkey Island soundtrack petition has ended. See how it went.

28th January 1998

I have added 1 midi from CMI. Find it in the download section. This is the only one I know about. I don't think there are any more midis from CMI and there probably wonīt be made any more in the future from CMI or the other 2 Monkey Island games. LucasArts has made a statement saying that they donīt want anyone to distribute their music. Some pages have already removed the music and if I get a letter from LucasArts asking me to remove them, I will.

23rd January 1998

Many people have emailed me saying that some of the mp3īs had bad sound. So I have posted a program called uncook. If you experience bad sound with some mp3īs, download uncook and use it on the mp3. That should solve the problem. And go vote for CMI as the best Adventure game of 1997 at Avault.

13th January 1998

I now have an easy-to-remember shortcut! Its: You can still use the old address, but this is a lot easier to remember.:) I also added a new page, its clubs. I wanted to reduce the download time on this page, so I moved all the pictures of clubs to the new page, Clubs.

4th January 1998

I have added 6 new midiīs to the downloads. 4 from Monkey 1 and 2 from Monkey 2. I have changed the name of "Different information" to "Funny things" because I wasnīt satisfied with "Different information". In "Funny things" you can read about funny things in the Monkey Island games. (Maybe you see a connection between that and the name...)

1st January 1998

Well I just wanted to wish everybody a Happy New Year. So here it is: Happy New Year to all!

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