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December 31, 1999 - Happy New Millennium!

Happy New Millennium!


Monkey Island hits the charts.
On GameSpot UK´s Top 100 Games of the Millennium, the Monkey Island games was number 57.

In Adventure Gamer´s article called "Evan Dickens' Top 20 Adventure Games of All Time", Monkey Island was at a disappointing 3rd place, beaten by Kings Quest VI CD at 2nd place, and Day of the tentacle CD at 1rst place. MI2 and MI3 was not on the list. I must admit, I expected MI to be ranked higher and certainly not lower Than KQ VI and DOTT.
Many people feel the same way I do, as the voting for MI1 showed that 48.8 % wanted it to be at a higher rating, 28.6 % wanted it to be at the same spot, and 19.7 % thought it should be lower.
With the DOTT voting 66.6 % wanted it to be at a lower rating, and 33.3 % wanted the same rating.

December 24, 1999 - Merry Christmas!
First I want to wish you all a merry Christmas!

Adventure Gamer is running an article called "Evan Dickens' Top 20 Adventure Games of All Time". A new game is revealed every day until the 31st. The list already includes games such as Under a killing moon, Grim Fandango, and Myst.
I suspect one or more of the MI games will make the list also.

The SCUMM Revisited website has made another redesign of its layout and I must say, the new one looks great.

MrMutton has made a level for Quake that is the Scumm Bar from MI1. Go to Adventure Gamer to read more and to download the level.

December 15, 1999 - Another Monkey Island 4 rumor
Remember the spotted folder that quickly disappeared again? Well, the LucasArts website has another secret. On the International House of Mojo's posting board, Matt Shaw posted this message:

"I think I have finally found some evidence of MI4.
Visit the lucasarts website at:
As you will see, doesn't exist(...)

But visit, and the sub-domain will redirect you to:

Why would LucasArts create a sub-domain like this?(...) Well I think LucasArts have a small X-Mas present for all of us which they were planning to reveal soon, very soon..."

Try it out, it works!
Is this the final evidence we need? Why would LucasArts create the sub-domain and folder for MI4 if it is not coming.......?

Source: International House of Mojo & Adventuregamer

December 14, 1999 - More sections have reopened
Several sections have reopened. Among them are "Fan creations" and with it comes new fan art and a new novel by Captain Spaz! Go check it all out.

The "Awards / Clubs" section, the "Credits", and the "News archive" are also back up!

December 5, 1999 - Monkey Island 4 again
Yes, yet another rumor has surfaced. This time it was posted on the Scumm Bar's posting board by Remi O. He discovered that on, an empty folder named was created. 
Of course the folder has disappeared again, luckily Remi O took s screenshot of the folder.
Was LucasArts preparing a spotlight for Monkey Island 4 and why did the folder disappear again? How many more rumors and strange sightings do we need before we can conclude that MI4 is coming?
Anyway you can check out the screenshot here, or read the posted message here.

The page for SCUMM Revisited has moved and got a new layout. It also has some new features and some pages has been updated with more info. So check it out on the new address.
December 2, 1999 - Barbery coast confirmed
It has been confirmed that the Barbery coast is in Indiana Jones and the infernal machine. The Scumm Bar had these screenshots as proofs.
indy3d-barberycoast1.jpg (54164 byte) indy3d-barberycoast2.jpg (50739 byte) indy3d-barberycoast3.jpg (53981 byte)
November 23, 1999 - Even more on MI4
As promised I have looked into the latest MI4 rumor. (Read the news post from November 22 if you don't know what I'm talking about).
I contacted and quickly got a response back.
This is the entire translated response:

Ok, let's get this sealed off once and for all. During our visit LucasArts mentioned that Monkey Island 4 was on the drawing board - nothing else. No release date, no screenshots, no drawings - nothing! It was in every intention a dropped remark, more than an announcement - but since we know that many readers (such as ourselves) are big fans of the Monkey Island games, we of course wanted to pass on the good news.

This lead to a horde of letters from wondering readers - especially when the game could be found on our release date list, with a release date next summer (As it can easily be imagined, dates are more and more doubtful, the further in the future the are, so that it should be June 2000 should therefore be taken with a grain of salt).

To avoid more confusing we have therefore chosen to remove MI4 from the release date list, despite LucasArts' quite clear statement - which were, as mentioned, not official.

So that's why they removed MI4 from the release list, to avoid any more confusion since LucasArts will not confirm anything.

Ever wanted to see Guybrush in 3D? Then download the Indiana Jones and the infernal machine demo or buy the game, because if you press F10 and write "makemeapirate" Indy turns into Guybrush! See image below.
indyguy.jpg (83840 byte)
Also rumors has it that the final level of Indiana Jones and the infernal machine you are able to gain access to the Barbery Coast in 3D! This has not yet been confirmed. Maybe it's a preview of MI4, or just a joke from LucasArts to tease us even more :)

Source: The Scumm Bar

November 22, 1999 - More on MI4
In the last few days several sites have reported sightings of a Monkey Island 4 release date. This Danish site: has a "Udgivelsesliste" (Release date list) which, until a few days ago, had Monkey Island 4 to be released in June 2000, but now MI4 has mysteriously disappeared from the list. 
This site is behind the Danish magazine PC Player, which, a few weeks ago, reported that MI4 was in production. You might remember having seen it on this page. Maximar from Adventure Gamer and yours truly dug a little deeper into the matter. The result was that LucasArts denied everything, but PC Player was certain that they have been told of a MI4.
Is this new sighting somehow connected with the old sighting of MI4? After all, both things are from the same source.
I will look into the matter and soon have more information, check back for updates on MI4.

Mary Kay Bergman, the actress who did the voice of Minnie the ghost in CMI has passed away. She has also worked on several other movies, TV series and games. Check out IMDB for a full list of her work and also check her site at
Mary Kay Bergman lived to be 38 years.
Mary Kay Bergman 1961 - 1999

Source: The Scumm Bar

LucasArts has a survey you can fill out! Is quite interesting to fill out and deals a lot with their homepage....
One of the questions are:

Which type of LucasArts products are you most interested in?
Star Wars
Indiana Jones
Original Graphic Adventures (e.g. Monkey Island games, Grim Fandango, etc.)

So go and vote for more adventures! The survey will be up until December 3rd, so hurry, this is your chance to get a little influence at LucasArts.

November 12, 1999 - Interviews up
The "interviews" section is now up! With all the best interviews on the net.

You can now buy CMI and Grim Fandango for the low price of $29.95 at the LucasArts company store. The offer is named "Deal of the Year 1999". A good buy if you don't have any of the games :) (Remember the LucasArts company store only ships to the US and Canada).

Source: The Scumm Bar
November 5, 1999 - Walkthroughs
The walkthrough section is now up. I removed the old walkthroughs, because they were filled with errors and bad written. The new walkthroughs will be written by myself :) The section opens with a brand new walkthrough for The Secret of Monkey Island.

Lucia was nice enough to tell me that there was something wrong with the comic. I had accidentally uploaded some disturbed pictures, so the quality was really poor, but that has been fixed now and the real pictures are up :)

The SCUMM Revisited site has been updated with a lot of information about the upcoming 3.00 version. Check it out.

Iris Dragt, maker of the comic, has opened her site with the first page of her new comic, The Cat. The Cat has nothing to do with Monkey Island, but it's very good and worth a look, and it has pirates :)

October 25, 1999 - Downloads up
As promised the downloads are now up!
All the old CMI mp3s has been removed. I'm starting from scratch, because I want the mp3s to have the best quality and sound possible. 
I have started by adding two new CMI mp3s, ripped by yours truly. I will continue to frequently add new mp3s to the section.
Also, a zip file with four new CMI themes have been added.

Some people have asked why I don't use a background picture for the new site. It's because I wanted to try with white as the background, it allows me to have more different colors on text and pictures. A background sometimes "hide" things. I may add a background at a later time.
Also, some have asked me why I have removed the background music, they miss it because it creates a nice Monkey Island mood.
I removed it because, when I had the old site, people often emailed me and asked me to remove the music, because it was annoying if they were listening to their own music. I will though, at a later time, add some kind of "jukebox" where you will be able to chose different songs to play. That solves both problems :)
October 20, 1999 - Grand opening!
Welcome to the new and improved "The World of Monkey Island"!
Today is the second birthday of my page and I'm celebrating this by opening at my new address with a new layout.
I'm now hosted by Adventure Gamer, so my new address is
My old address and the shortcut will still work, but will get you to my old site. Please update your bookmarks and links with this new address.
The hosting has a lot of advantages, for instance I now have more space, so the mp3's will never be down again, and I now finally have a message forum!

Back to the new layout, the frames are gone, except on the hints page. It still have frames, because it makes searching for hints easier. 
Unfortunately I have had a limited amount of time lately, so I have not been able to finish all the sections for today. The sections with a little red star like this: * are the sections, which are not up yet, but don't worry, I'm working hard on getting them ready and more sections will be added in the following days and weeks, so keep checking back for updates. The next section to open will be the download section, with new stuff, such as new MP3's.

If you take a look at the content bar to the left, you'll see a lot of new sections, which were not at the old site. Among them are "Articles", which will frequently have a new article with different topics. At the top of the right column, you can also see the name of the latest article. The first one is entitled "Will we ever see MI4?" and deals with the concern for the development of a possible Monkey Island 4.

Another new section is the "Message forum". People have been asking for a message forum for a long time and with the move to Adventure Gamer, it is finally possible. So go visit the forum and share your Monkey Island thoughts and opinions.

I also have a banner now, check it out here.

That's it for now. I hope you like the new layout and the new sections, feel free to send me any comments you might have and remember to check back frequently in the following days and weeks for all the new sections.

13th October 1999

MI4 rumor may not be true.
After Maximar, from Adventuregamer, heard the rumor, he contacted Simon Jeffery to get the news confirmed. Unfortunately his answer was not what we had hoped. Here is what he said:

No - I did not say that Monkey Island 4 is in Development!
I did say that LucasArts is looking to do more than just Star Wars games in the next couple of years, and when I was asked directly about it, I said that at some point in the future, we MAY look at doing another Monkey Island game sometime if sufficient demand was there.

I could not understand this, so I contacted the Danish journalist, who had written the article, and asked him what exactly Mr. Jeffery had said, here is what the journalist answered:

I can only regret not having a tape recorder with me, because Mr. Jeffery's words are 
printed clearly in my mind. He came in and started the LucasArts presentation
with a little speech of about five minutes, when a... Italic, I think...journalist asked
him, if we could expect another chapter in the series. Unfortunately I can't remember his exact choice of words, but his answer seemed very confirming. Furthermore people spoke losely about the game, when I, for another reason, visited LucasArts. 
Anyway, you must believe me when I say that I has not been my intention to "produce"
news. Of course it is possible that my choice of words in the article, is a little
different then what Mr. Jeffery said, but I still wonder, because a whole bunch of us
journalists talked about it after the meeting....

So, who should we believe? Simon Jeffery from LucasArts or a whole bunch of journalists, who all have heard the same thing. Right now it's their word against Simon Jeffery. I guess we will have to wait......again.

11th October 1999

Monkey Island 4 - more proof!
Janus Nielsen informed me that this month issue of the Danish gaming magazine, PC Player, has an article about Activisions annual Activate-arrangement in Edinburgh. It mentions LucasArts and Monkey Island 4!. Here is the translated part:

Reporter: Simon Jeffery, from LucasArts, told me about a couple of the company's other plans, and I can with great joy report that they are working on a new chapter in the Monkey Island series!

Does this really mean MI4 is in production? Most likely, Danish gaming magazines rarely report false information, which means I believe this statement. Keep checking back for updates on this piece of information.

9th September 1999

CMI intro music (And the story of the ugly pop-up window)
The latest version of SCUMMRev allows you to rip the music from the CMI intro! (And any other cut-scene in CMI).
Hurry over to the SCUMMRev homepage for more info and to download the program.

The story of the ugly pop-up window:
Those of you who use the shortcut address to my site
( have probably noticed that an ugly pop-up window has appeared. To have a free shortcut it used to be enough to have their button on your page, but that is no longer enough. is expanding and now you have to choose between a pop-up window, a delay page, or a big fat banner on your page. I chose the pop-up window :) But don't worry, it's only temporary, I have a solution to the
problem, so the pop-up window will soon be gone.

Skyfox (owner of The Scumm Bar) found a lecture by Bill Tiller entitled "How to Draw Monkeys the LucasArts
Way: An Analysis of the Funny pictures in the Curse of Monkey Island", when he was browsing the "Game Developer Conference website"
Bill Tiller was the lead background artist on CMI and decided how all the locations in CMI should appear.
It is very interesting reading. Skyfox has converted the .DOC file into HTML for easy viewing, so go read it here.

22nd August 1999

Ron Gilbert and Dominic Armato chat!
Ron Gilbert (creator of the Monkey Island 1 & 2) visited the Monkey Island chat channel, #monkey-island, on IRC last night and answered all of our questions. Dominic Armato (voice of Guybrush) was also there, which made the chat perfect.
We got a lot of interesting answers, as this, when I asked if the secret could actually be found in the game:

<Ron-G> Yes, if you really look at what's going on, you might be able to come close.
<Ron-G> There are a lot of jokes, that aren't really jokes.
<Ron-G> The problem with the Secret of Monkey Island...
<Ron-G> is that it's built up sich a mystic, that when I finally do reviel it, you're all going to go "That was dumb". :-)

Read a cleaned-up version of the chat here.

4th August 1999

Ron Gilbert talks about the MI2 ending.
The Scumm Bar has posted this comment from Ron Gilbert about the MI2 ending:

In the September issue of the British magazine Arcade, Ron Gilbert had a few words to say concerning his MI3:
‘Monkey Island 2 was praised as bigger, better and funnier than its prequel, but the hackneyed ending was criticized by some. “Monkey Island 2 was one big set-up for Monkey Island 3,” admits Ron, “so it was supposed to leave you hanging and a little confused – much like The Empire Strikes back in the Star Wars trilogy.” This planned was ruined when Ron left LucasArts, leaving the third game – The Curse of Monkey Island- to be written and developed by others. “My story for Monkey Island 3 is still sitting in my head,” says Ron, I’ve never told it to anyone.”

I would like to hear Ron Gilbert's idea for MI3. I think it has a better connection to MI2, and it would be fun to know what he had planned.

Adventure Gamer posted this rumor about a possible Maniac Mansion 3 and maybe Monkey Island 4:

According to our unofficial sources, Maniac Mansion 3 will be LucasArts' next adventure game (perhaps along with another project, we're not sure). GamesDomain too, says to have heard of a Maniac Mansion sequel from a reliable source, which is consistent with what we've heard. LucasArts has between the lines confirmed to us that Tim Schafer, designer of games such as Maniac Mansion 2: Day of the Tentacle and Grim Fandango is indeed working on a new game. LucasArts said to announce information about it at an appropriate time in the future. I guess we'll then find out if we are right or wrong... Remember that these are just rumors.

- 2 new MI1 in-jokes
- 1 new MI2 in-joke
- 5 new MI3 in-jokes
- 1 new reference
- 1 new "Thing you might not now about Monkey Island"

24th July 1999

Ten best villains.
GameSpot has an article about the Ten best villains. LeChuck is one of them :) Also Purple Tentacle, from DOTT, and Adrian Ripburger, from Full Throttle are in it, so LucasArts takes 3 of the 10 spots. Read the full article here.

The LucasArts Top 25 was reset, so all of you who voted before, please vote again by pressing the button in the right column.
(And to you who didn't vote before, please do now :)

21st July 1999

LucasArts departures.
There hasn't been much news lately. We're all waiting for LucasArts to announce their next adventure.

Two people has left LucasArts. One of them is director Steve Dauterman who has been with the company for over 10 years and helped create games such as Monkey Island,
X-Wing, Rebel Assault, Dark Forces/Jedi Knight, Shadows of the Empire, Rogue Squadron, Grim Fandango, Full Throttle, and Star Wars Episode 1: The Phantom Menace.
He has been appointed as general manager of Studio Asia Pacific, a new development based studio in Australia.
Here is a statement from him:
"The decision to leave LucasArts was definitely a difficult one for me personally, but the challenge to build a new studio and live in Australia is a unique opportunity I could not pass up".
To read the full article by GameSpot, go here.

The other one is Mark Haigh-Hutchinson (Project Leader for Rogue Squadron and Shadows of the Empire). Other LucasArts employees are reported to have resigned as well, but no other has been confirmed.

I got a new award! It's "The Phatt Island Jail of Monkey Island Memorabilia Bronze Award" Check it out on the award page.

There is also a bunch of new in-jokes and a hint for you. Here you go:
- 1 new MI2 in-joke
- 4 new MI3 in-jokes
- 3 updated MI3 in-jokes
- 1 new reference
- 1 new hints for MI2

Adam Ellery was nice enough to inform me that, although I have made a wavs section in the downloads, I had forgot to place a link to it. That has now been fixed.

3rd July 1999

100000 visitors!!!
The counter has passed 100000! Thanks to all of you who keep coming here, I am working on something big and special for the site :)
Sorry for the lack of updates lately, and to you who have emailed me and haven't got a response yet, be patient, I will answer your email as soon as possible.
More rumors about LucasArts' next adventure are appearing. Adventuregamer posted this:

Our unofficial sources tell us that a Maniac Mansion sequel is in the works. In the first Maniac Mansion game, released back in 1987, you control three teenagers and your mission is to rescue Sandy, whose been kidnapped by the evil Dr. Fred. In the sequel known as Day of the Tentacle, released in 1993, one of Dr. Fred's creations, Purple Tentacle, has plans for taking over the world. Naturally, it is your mission to save the world. The cartoon style art, of Day of the Tentacle looks incredible, and would look even better in 3D, using the Grim Fandango engine.

All the information above is unofficial. No word has come from LucasArts yet. We’ll just have to wait.

So, are LucasArts working on Monkey Island 4 or Maniac Mansion 3? As Adventuregamer says, we just have to wait.

19th June 1999

MI4 in production?
The Scumm Bar has posted this news about a possible creation of Monkey Island 4. Here is what is says:

I have just seen something which suggests the evidence of Monkey Island 4 is in production.

Here in Britain there is a news program aimed for teenagers called NewsRound. On Friday June the 18th there was a exclusive report from San Francisco, California about the 2 new Star Wars games (Racer & Phantom Menace). During a interview with Dean Sharpe, the designer of Star Wars The Phantom Menace game, you could see in the background another department. There was a sign above a door saying: Project- Monkey. This enough got me excited, and then I saw something that made my mouth drop, during a interview with a 3D Animator, in the background there was concept art of Monkey Island 3 style Skeletons, Pirate ships and swords.
Could this be work on MI4?
I will let you decide.

Could LucasArts be working on MI4? Let's hope :)

Adventuregamer has an interesting interview with Jo Ashburn, games tester and documentation writer at LucasArts.

17th June 1999

I have added a wavs section to the downloads. Right now it contains the wavs with Guybrush singing in the Barbery Coast and the "The monkeys are listening" wav. More will be added later. Check it out.

6th June 1999

Unofficial LucasArts soundtrack cd.
LucasFans has produced a limited number of an unofficial LucasArts soundtrack cd, which they are selling as a non-profit cd. For more informationon on tracklist and how to order, check LucasFans.
I have won another award! It's the
"Ghost Ships Excellent MI Award". Check it out here.
- One new MI2 in-joke
- Seven new MI3 in-jokes!
- Two new references

24th May 1999

More MI4 rumors.
LucasArts did unfortunately not make an announcement about any new adventure, but I just saw these new rumors at Mixnmojo:

Well, we've had a very interesting snippet. A LucasArts employee has stated that Monkey Island 4 is going ahead, and will also be 3D, a la Grim Fandango.

This is interesting. We all expected that, if MI4 comes out, it would be in 3D and after playing Grim Fandango I would not have it any other way. Let's just hope this rumor is true.

14th May 1999

Monkey Island 4 is almost here!!!!!
More and more evidence are showing up, proving that LucasArts is probably making Monkey Island 4.
Kay Wright told me in an email &
Ducky in the guestbook that they have seen some interesting news at this address:
Here is what the news from E3 says:

Tim Schafer said in an Interview to a german mag (PC Games 5/99) that is corently creating a new game. He doesn't know enough about starwars and he doesn't like strategy games. So what's left? Adventure!!!!

The work for a new adventure has begun at Lucasarts and Tim is developping the characters.

Lucasarts will probably make an announcement during the next 24 hours, so stay tuned!

A lucastarts insider told us that there are two MonkeyIsland4 scripts that are ready at Lucasarts. There were several petitions on the web for MI4, lots of mags post charts and MI4 is always in the top ten of the best game of all times, there are more MI4 sites then GrimF. sites and so on. Do you still think Lucasarts isn't producing MI4?

It doesn't say for sure that LucasArts is making MI4, but if we are to trust the LucasArts insider saying that there are two MI4 scripts ready, then we can almost be certain that they will be used.
Let's hope they reveal something within the next 24 hours, but don't get your hopes up, CMI and Grim Fandango were not revealed at E3, but around fall instead.
If they reveal something at this years E3, it will be announced on this page right away, so keep checking back and see if there any news.

8th May 1999

MI1 savegames.
I have added savegames for the CD version of The Secret of Monkey Island. Find them in the downloads.
My guestbook has once again reached its limit of 250 people, so I have saved them in a html file and cleared the guestbook for 250 new people to sign it :) You can see the guests 1 - 500 here.
GamesDomain has a review of the Monkey Island Bounty Pack, it's a box containing all tree Monkey Island games, read it here.
- One new MI2 in-joke
- One new MI3 in-joke

4th May 1999

Short update.
Sorry for the lack of updates. This is a short update with some new in-jokes, but there will be bigger update in a few days.
- 3 new MI3 in-jokes

25fth April 1999

In-jokes madness!!!!!
Wow! It's been raining with in-jokes lately, so here's a big pile of in-jokes for you :)
MI1 in-jokes:
3 new in-jokes.
MI2 in-jokes:
4 new in-jokes.
MI3 in-jokes:
9 new in-jokes
3 updated in-jokes.

injokes.gif (2083 bytes)

Also don't forget to vote for my page at the LucasArts Top25.
You can find the vote button in the column next to these news, or press here :)

17th April 1999

Guybrush sings and a birtday!
Today is my birthday. Just thought I'd mention that :)
Using SCUMM Revisited I have ripped 5 wavs from CMI. It is the songs Guybrush sings in the Barbery Coast. You can download them here:
There's a monkey in my pocket... 380 kb
Plunder, Plunder how I wonder... 554 kb
Silver Long John's....................... 716 kb
I've got a friend........................... 467 kb
I'm hooked on you baby............. 446 kb

5th April 1999

Award, novel, and adventure news.
I got my first award! Check it out here!
An inside source told Adventure Gamer that there is definitely a new LucasArts adventure game being worked on at the moment, and more info will be released in the beginning of the third quarter of 1999.
This sounds great! I'm already looking forward to another great adventure by LucasArts.
A new fan novel has been added. It's part 1 in The search for Mr.T - by Seán Mulkerrin.
- 1 new MI1 in-joke
- 1 new MI2 in-joke
- 1 new MI3 in-joke
- 3 new references
- 1 new hint for MI2

30th March 1999

A small update.
Not much have happended in the past week, so this time it's just a small update:
- More fan art is added.
- A new MI3 in-joke is added.
- A new MI1 hint is added.

21st March 1999

Wow! Great things!
Many great things have happened! First of all, eXscape has written some articles about gaming legends, among them are an article about The Secret of Monkey Island, and guess what! In the middle of the article is a link to The World of Monkey Island. I couldn´t believe my eyes when I read it. The writer linked to my page because of my in-jokes section. I´m honored :) Go read it!

Another cool thing is that the new versions of SCUMM Revisited can now rip speech and music from CMI! The thing we have all been waiting for, is now possible. Go to the official homepage to download it.

I saw this over at the Scumm Bar:
Someone send Skyfox an article about LucasArts from the German magazine "PC Games". It said:

"They are really busy in the software department: Xwing Alliance and Indiana Jones will be finished in a few months and the monkey island 3 team is working on a yet secret sequel. and LucasLearning is working on the children's title DroidWorks. Only Tim "Grim Fandango" Shafer is on holidays. Now there's only the question what happened with the real time strategy game Force Commander... which release date was pushed back often. This title is not dead however, its story only collided with the story of The Phantom Menace, so the designers had to change it."
This could mean MI4, but it could also mean a sequel to another LucasArts game, like Full Throttle 2 for instance.
Remember, it could all just be a rumor, so don´t get you hopes up, but it would be cool if it were MI4 :)

15th March 1999

Several new versions of SCUMM Revisited has been released during the last week. The latest version allows you to rip sound effects from CMI and The Dig. Go to the official homepage to download it.
- Also:
- A new "Thing you might know know" is added.
- One new MI1 in-joke.
- One MI2 in-joke is updated.
- Two new MI3 in-jokes.

6th March 1999

SCUMM Revisited.
- An interesting program called "SCUMM Revisited" has been released. It allows you to explore SCUMM games (Monkey Island, Sam & Max, Grim Fandango etc.) and rip pictures, speech and music from some of the games. Head over to the official homepage for more info and to download the program.
You can also find some interesting stuff that´s hidden in the games. Look at this picture I found in CMI :)
A game pack containing Monkey Island 1, 2 and 3 is available. It´s called The Monkey Island Adventure Pack and it costs £39.99.
- Skyfox, at the Scumm Bar, found an interview with Tim Schafer in an old magazine. It´s mostly about Grim Fandango. Read it here.
- Also:
- Two new MI2 in-jokes.
- Two new references.
- More fan art.

25ft February 1999

Savegames are back.
The savegames are back up and:
- One MI1 in-joke is added and one is updated.
- Two MI2 in-jokes are updated and one is corrected.
- A new reference is added.
- One new hint for MI1 is added.

16th February 1999

Well, read the update :)
LucasFans has finally reopened and they have an exclusive interview with the less known former LucasArts employee Dave Grossman. He was co-writer of MI1 & MI2 and other LucasArts games.
- A MI1 in-joke has been updated.
- One new MI2 in-joke has been added.
- A MI3 in-joke has also been updated.
- A new reference has been added.

4th February 1999

Finally an update!
Sorry for the lack of updates. I´ve been swamped with work the last few weeks, but I don´t want to bore you with that :) Here is finally an update:
- Most of the CMI mp3´s are back online, eventhough a few is still down.
- 2 new MI2 midi´s are available from HighLand Productions.
- The MI1 & MI2 manuals are available in this little program.
- 2 new in-jokes have been added for MI2.
- 3 new in-jokes have been added for MI3 and 2 are updated.
- A new fan novel is added.-
Due to lack of webspace I had to temporally remove the savegames for a few days until I find some extra space.

16th January 1999

Big Whoop Chronicles.
The 3rd, and last, part of Chris Ushko novel "Big Whoop Chronicles" is finished. Go read it now!
Also a lot more fan art has been added. Go check it out.

9th January 1999

Exclusive interview with Jonathan Ackley!!!!
Yes! The surprise I promised you is finally here! It´s an exclusive interview with Jonathan Ackley, made together with Plunder Island.
Jonathan Ackley is, as you know, co-producer of The Curse of Monkey Island.
Hear about the first games he programmed, his favorite Monkey Island scenes, and his new company Stargazy Studios.
Unfortunately Jonathan Ackley left LucasArts not so long ago, so he was no longer able to answer any LucasArts-related questions, but it´s still a really good and interesting interview.
So hurry and go read the interview!

6th January 1999

A bunch of things.
More in-jokes and hints are added for Monkey Island 1 and Monkey Island 2.
I saw this over at the Scumm Bar. It´s an answer from Ron Gilbert about his upcoming game, Good & Evil, and about buying the rights to Monkey Island.

There will be some Adventure game style puzzles, but most of it will be combat related. Good & Evil is kind of like a cross between Monkey Island and Diablo. As for buying back the rights to MI, I have no plans to do so. I have no doubt they would be very expensive and have not even talked to LA about it.

The surprise I´ve promised is ready and will be revealed in a couple of days, so check back!


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