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November 6, 2000 - MI4 released!
Today, Escape from Monkey Island was released in the US! 
Others have to wait a bit longer...
November 5, 2000 - EMI at number 1!
On's list of top selling games, Escape from Monkey Island is at number 1, while a game such as Red Alert 2 is only number 2!

The LucasArts Voice Actors Archive has just opened its doors. It currently has profiles of 96 voice actors who have worked on LucasArts games.

Although it is not directly Monkey Island related, I thought some of you might be interested to know. Over at Glottis' Garage you can find a novel based on Grim Fandango. The author is Charles Frederick, who has written the novel of nearly 106.000 words.

November 4, 2000 - Want to help?
GamesDomain has posted a review of Escape from Monkey Island, but be careful of spoilers.

A new Dominic Armato interview can be found at Largo's Monkey Island Site

Source: The Scumm Bar

This site (The World of Monkey Island in case you were wondering :) is one of the biggest Monkey Island sites and has grown enormously in the last 3 years and will continue to do so in the future, but I don't have as much free time as I used to, so I could use someone to help me a bit with the site.

What I'm looking for is a person to take screenshots from CMI and EMI for various purposes. (Mostly for the in-jokes section).

There are only a few requirements:

* You own a legal English copy of The Curse of Monkey Island
* You intent to buy an English version of Escape from Monkey Island
* You have a registered version of the program Hypersnap DX
* You have the program WinZip
* You are familiar with the use of Hypersnap DX
* You are familiar with the use of Winzip

If you are interested, send me an email and explain why you want to help.
Thank you.

November 2, 2000 - Interviews
The Monkey Center has posted the final part of its interview with Dominic Armato.

The German site TentakelVilla has also posted an interview Dominic Armato. (The interview is in English).

The Dutch release date for MI4 is reported to be November 17th.

Source: The Scumm Bar

October 31, 2000 - MI4 release dates
Here are the known release dates for Escape from Monkey Island:
USA November 6th
Australia November 6th
Brazil November 15th
UK November 17th
Denmark November 17th
Finland November 17th
Spain November 24th

Looks like some people will get to enjoy the game a few weeks before the rest of us. (I would have appreciated a simultaneous release :)

Sources: The Scumm Bar & Mixnmojo

GameCenter has posted an article about Escape from Monkey Island, which includes some new screenshots.

Source: Adventure Gamer

October 28, 2000 - Happy Halloween!
Amazon has posted new screenshots of the MI4 box art. The front has changed a bit. Guybrush looks a little different and it now says that a free walkthrough is included. The slogan at the bottom has also changed. This is also the first time we see the back of the box.
See them both here.

Source: The Scumm Bar

Believe it or not, GameSpot has posted 4 new screenshots from MI4.
I personally have stopped looking at screenshots, I've seen to much of the game already :) Anyway, if you want to see them go here.

The Monkey Center has posted part 2 of its interview with Guybrush's voice, Dominic Armato.

October 27, 2000 - MI4 goes gold!
LucasArts sent out their 3rd newsletter today and announced that Escape from Monkey Island has gone gold!
Here's the official announcement from LucasArts:

Escape from Monkey Island™ Goes Gold!
Gold, it's every pirate's dream! With great fanfare and the distant sound of squealing monkeys, the development team for Escape from Monkey Island (PC WIN) steered this highly anticipated title into the harbor. Expected in stores the week of November 6th (U.S. and Canada), Escape from Monkey Island is a swashbuckling adventure loaded with side-splitting humor and more monkeys than the three previous Monkey games combined! And now, Stan invites you to visit The LucasArts Company Store. (Exclusive offer: Signature edition game box and collectible magnet)

Now we're only a few weeks away from playing Monkey Island 4! 

As I have mentioned before, my email has not been working. Therefore I have made a temporary email until the old one works again. Please use for news, hints, or other comments. I apologize for the inconvenience.

The Monkey Center has posted part 1 of an interview with Dominic Armato. Dominic talks about himself and his work with the Monkey Island series.

Also remember to read the interview I did with him
three years ago, right after the release of CMI.

October 22, 2000 - Monkey Island sweatshirt
Sorry for being a little late with the news, I'll try not to let it happen again.
At The LucasArts Company Store you can pre-order a Monkey Island sweatshirt! It's made of heavy weight, poly-cotton fleece and is embroidered with the evil pirate LeChuck along with the official Monkey Island logo on the left chest.
It will be available in November and the price is only $29.95!

- Click for a larger view

I would love to get one of these sweatshirts, but as usual......this is only available to US residents :(
(Remember to sign this petition if you want LucasArts to ship their merchandise to other countries.)

LucasArts has posted a transcript of the chat with Mike Stemmle and Sean Clark. Although not much new information was revealed it is still very interesting to read. 

LucasArts has also updated their web site with some new MI4 stuff. The latest Ask the Team question asks: "I've heard that you will be able to play as Elaine Marley in certain points of "Escape from Monkey Island". Is this true?" and the answer is: "We've heard that, too. But no, it's not true. Elaine is her own person, and really hates other people telling her what to do."

The new MI4 poll asks: "Who Was Your Favorite Character in the Demo?"

GamePen has published an article called "The Grumpy Old Man of Gaming", which deals more with LucasArts' recent shutdown of the fan game Legends of LeChuck.

Source: The Scumm Bar

Mixnmojo has posted part 5 of Spaff's "Old days" article series. This time he talks about the veteran fan site, LucasFans.

October 19, 2000 - Lyrics back up
The Lyrics section is finally back up. Go check it out!
You can read the lyrics to all the songs in the Monkey Island games and download the ones from MI3 in wav or mp3 format.
October 18, 2000 - Reminder
Just to remind you that the chat with Mike Stemmle and Sean Clark at LucasArts is only a few hours away. The chat takes place at 6 pm PST, 9 pm EST and 3am CET.
October 17, 2000 - Short news
GameSpy has posted 5 new screenshots from MI4.
I don't know about you, but I've stopped looking at screenshots. I feel I have seen to much of the game already :)

Do you want LucasArts to ship games and merchandise from their online store outside the US? Then go sign the petition!

Source: The Scumm Bar

FiringSquad has posted a preview of Escape from Monkey Island, which compares it to the previous games.

Source: The Scumm Bar

October 10, 2000 - View intro separately 
There is a way to watch the MI4 intro without starting the demo.
Go to, download the "Bink" software, and install it. Now go to your MI4 demo folder and rename the file intro.lab to intro.bik. Now you can watch the intro without starting the demo

Source: The Scumm Bar

You can also listen to the music without playing the demo. 
(These suggestions are not meant to keep you from playing the MI4 demo. It's just a way so you can enjoy the great music when you're working in windows :).
Go to your MI4 demo music folder and rename the extensions to .mp3
Now you can listen to the music when doing other stuff :)

Source: Adventure Gamer

October 8, 2000 - MI4 for the Mac
LucasMacs reports that Aspyr Media has been contracted to port Escape From Monkey Island to the Mac.
Check out LucasMacs for more information.
Good news for Mac users!
October 6, 2000 - Escape from Monkey Island demo!
The demo for Escape from Monkey Island has been released!

Download the Escape from Monkey Island demo in 4 different sizes!

The intro is included in the demo and we will visit Melee Island!
Enjoy the demo!

Update. LucasArts has updated the MI4 page with a completely new look, some new screenshots of the islands and characters, and some new information.

GameSlice has posted an interview with MI4 project leaders, Mike Stemmle and Sean Clark. Not much new information, but still interesting to read.

Sharky Extreme has posted a preview of MI4, but with no new crucial information. has posted a beta review of MI4. With it comes 3 new movies and 80 screenshots.

Source: Adventure Gamer

The German version of Escape from Monkey Island is reported to have the same voice cast as The Curse of Monkey Island did.

Source: The Scumm Bar

October 5, 2000 - Pre-Order MI4
You can now Pre-Order Escape from Monkey Island from the LucasArts Company Store at a price of $39.95 with free shipping and handling.
The Pre-Order includes a signature edition game box and a collectible magnet featuring your favorite cast of piratey characters.

As usual, this only applies to US residents.

The Daily Radar has posted an interview with the MI4 project leaders, Mike Stemmle and Sean Clark. The interview possibly contains spoilers as it reveals info about the cast and gameplay.

Source: The Scumm Bar

Escape from Monkey Island - The Unofficial Site has posted an interview with Larry Ahern, one of the project leaders on The Curse of Monkey Island.

Remember, tomorrow the demo for Escape from Monkey Island will be available for download from the LucasArts site and will be a 130 mb download and not 600 mb as previously reported.

We've been waiting 3 years for this game and tomorrow we will be able to a play a demo of it. I'm kind of exited, aren't you? :)

October 2, 2000 - MI4 hint book
You can pre-order the Escape from Monkey Island Hint Book from EBWorld. It costs $15.99 and will be released on October 30, which is a few weeks before the actual game ships.

LucasArts has sent out their second "LucasArts Insider" email.
In the mail they officially announce the release date of the MI4 demo to be October 6 and they also announce a new chat with the MI4 project leaders Mike Stemmle & Sean Clark.
The chat will take place on Tuesday, October 17th from 6-7pm PST.

Furthermore, they also confirm the MI4 box art to the one previously seen at EBWorld and Amazon

If you order Escape from Monkey Island from Amazon they throw in Grim Fandango for free! Unfortunately this only applies for US residents...

Source: The Scumm Bar

There seem to be something wrong with my email and has apparently been for several weeks! 
If you have sent me any email in the last few weeks I probably didn't get it. I am working on solving the problem and I apologize for the inconvenience. 

September 28, 2000 - The real Monkey Island
Curtis Mohan sent me some information about a real island called Monkey Island located in the Caribbean.
The island is actually called "Monos Island", but "monos" is Spanish for "monkey".

Below are two images which show the location of Monkey Island. Image 1 is of the general area while Image 2 is zoomed in on the exact location of the island.

Click for a larger view
Image 1 Image 2

monos1.jpg (66513 byte)

monos2.jpg (53884 byte)

- This information has also been added to the "Might not know..." page"

The ESRB rating for Escape from Monkey Island can now be read on The game is rated TEEN for Comic Mischief, Suggestive Themes, and Use of Tobacco & Alcohol.

Source: Adventure Gamer

GameCenter has posted an article called Ten games that deserve your attention. It comes as no surprise that Escape from Monkey Island is mentioned in the article along with a few new screenshots.

Source: Adventure Gamer


September 25, 2000 Finally an update
I apologize for the lack of updates lately. The reason is that I recently moved and my internet connection has not worked properly until a few days ago, therefore this update is a little late.

Here is what has happened in the last week:

Let's start with the most interesting thing: news about the Escape from Monkey Island demo.

Computer Games Online report that the MI4 demo will be released on October 6th, but it will be a 600 mb download! The full game will be released on 4 CDs, but 600 mb for a demo still sounds crazy :)

Source: The Scumm Bar

The discussion about LucasArts' recent move to close down fan made Monkey Island games has made it into the latest issue of PC Gamer UK. There is an interesting quote from a LucasArts PR agent:

LucasArts are thoroughly examining their current position on the development by fans of games derived from company-owned properties. While we're deeply concerned about the company's intellectual property and trademarks being compromised... we understand the enthusiasm of our fans and ask them to give us time to explore this matter fully. Fans can expect further clarification of this issue in the near future.

You can see a scan of the article here: page 1 page 2

Source: The Scumm Bar

The LucasArts Company Store is now selling the three first Monkey Island together. When you buy MI3 they include the Monkey Madness cd, which contains the cd version of MI1 and MI2.
It's all for the price of $19.95 and you can buy it here.

EBWorld has posted a new image of the Escape from Monkey Island box art. See it below.

Source: The Scumm Bar

LucasArts has posted a new screenshot from MI4. It's called "Guybrush Adjusts To Married Life" and you can see it below:

screen23.jpg (252585 byte)

September 18, 2000 - Different stuff
LucasArts has once again changed the MI4 poll. The new question asks "Which island are you looking forward to the most?".

GameSpy has posted some new screenshots from Escape from Monkey Island. See them here.

Spaff has posted part four of his "old days" article. This time he interviews Snesgirl, owner of the now closed Booty Island.

The newly reopened site SCUMM has posted an article entitled "The Pure Magic of the LucasArts Entertainment Company". The article talks about why LucasArts and its games are so special.

The Scumm Bar turned 4 years yesterday!
Congratulations Skyfox :)

September 15, 2000 - Last chapter of "Secret Revealed"
The final chapter of Victoria Kidston's great fan novel "Secret Revealed", has been added. The story is coming to a shocking conclusion at Big Whoop. 
Go read "Chapter 9: The End is the Beginning" now!

There are some new previews of MI4 available and one of them can be found at There's nothing new in the preview, but it does offer a few new screenshots.

There is also a preview up at NextGame, which offers an interview with the team behind MI4.

The Danish gaming magazine "Incite PC Games" has an article about Escape from Monkey Island in their latest issue. (10/2000).
So go out and buy it if you're from Denmark (Like I am :)

Source: The Scumm Bar

September 13, 2000 - New concept art
GameSpot has added 6 new concept art images from MI4.
One of them is shown below, go here to see the rest.

art1.jpg (36008 byte)

September 11, 2000 - New fan novel
Part 2 of Monica Silva's fan novel "The search of the mystic crown" has been added. Go read "Part 2: Theft Island" now.

The Scumm Bar is hosting an MI4 soundtrack petition, so hurry over and sign it if you want a soundtrack from Escape from Monkey Island.

Spaff has added the third part of his "old days" article.
This time he talks about the chat channel #monkey-island".

The Clearly Unofficial Escape From Monkey Island Site has published an interview with one of the project leaders on MI3, Jonathan Ackley.
Don't forget to read the interview Maximar and I did with him back in January 1999.

Funny things added:

- 4 new MI1 in-jokes
- 1 new MI2 in-joke
- 2 new MI3 in-jokes
- 2 new MI1 errors
- 2 new MI2 errors

September 9, 2000 - A lot of MI4 stuff
GameSpot has posted a major preview of MI4.
The preview contains some new information and some new screenshots, but unfortunately also some spoilers.

The LucasArts website has posted some interesting MI4 stuff.

The "Ask the team" question is "How is it possible to combine objects in Monkey Island using a Grim Fandango like inventory?"
Read the answer here.

They have also posted 5 new screenshots from MI4 and I consider them spoiler-free, so hurry over and see them :)

September 7, 2000 - Simon Jeffery chat
The chat with Simon Jeffery began as scheduled Tuesday September 5th at 7.00 PM (PST). However, the system crashed and the chat resumed Wednesday at 4 PM EST.
You can read the log from the first chat at Mixnmojo.

Many interesting things were revealed. One is that LucasArts plan to produce more adventure in the future at they will already announce a new adventure at next years E3 show.

President Simon Jeffery also mentioned that there is a strong possibility of a Monkey Island 5 if enough people buy MI4.
Furthermore he didn't rule out the possibility of other sequels, such as a sequel to DOTT or Sam & Max.

He also announced that a demo for MI4 is ready, but he did not say when it will be released.

Source: Mixnmojo

At the second chat it was revealed that although Michael Land left LucasArts earlier this year, he will be working freelance together with Clint Bajakian and still be making the music for MI4.

Souce: Adventure Gamer

September 5, 2000 - More good old days
Spaff has posted the second part of the "Good old days" article. This time he talks about Animated GIFs, Banners, Buttons and Midi's.

Ryan Williams asked me to mention his newly opened Monkey Island forum. Ryan aims for this to be a central meeting place for fans of the games. Go check it out.

September 3, 2000 - The good old days
As part of Mixnmojo's 3rd year anniversary celebration, Spaff has taken a look at the Monkey Island community, as it appeared in 1997.
The first part looks at the clubs, awards, and the webrings, but more parts will be added in the following weeks.

I fondly remember 1997 as the year this page started, so the article brings back nice memories :)
September 2, 2000 - MI4 contest
LucasArts has announced their MI4 contest, where you can win a copy of Escape from Monkey Island!
You have to create a skin for the new Windows Media Player 7.0 and submit it before October 31.
As usual, these things are only open to US residents :(

LucasArts has also published a new screenshot from MI4:

screen17.jpg (187860 byte)

September 1, 2000 - MI4 wallpaper, fan novel, and more
Remember the wallpaper published here a week ago? Well, what I didn't mention (because I didn't know) was that Jake Rodkin actually made the EMI logo that was used. 
The first wallpaper is the one on the left and the one on the right is a new wallpaper made by
Eliran Cohen.

mi4wall1.jpg (156721 byte)

1024 * 768

800 * 600
640 * 480

mi4wall2-1.jpg (133988 byte)

1024 * 768
800 * 600
640 * 480

Part 3 of Joe Townsend's novel "The nightmare of Monkey Island" has been added. Go read it now!

GameSpot UK has posted eight new screenshots from Escape from Monkey Island.

Source: Adventure Gamer

GameSpot has also posted some old and new screenshots in a MI4 gallery.

LucasArts has announced that members of the LucasArts website (sign up here) will be able to participate in a chat with LucasArts president, Simon Jeffery, on Tuesday September 5th at 7.00 PM (PST).

LucasArts has also sent out their first "LucasArts Insider" newsletter.
In in they mention that an Escape from Monkey Island contest will soon take place.

Voodoo Extreme reports that LucasArts will not be attending this years ECTS gaming show.

Source: The Scumm Bar

The Clearly Unofficial EFMI site has posted an interview with Dave Grossman, who worked on both Monkey Island 1 and Monkey Island 2.

LucasFans has posted an interview with Bill Eaken. He was the lead conceptual designer on Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis.

New Funny things:

- 2 new MI1 in-jokes
- 5 new MI3 in-jokes
- 1 new MI1 error
- 1 new MI2 error
- 1 new "Thing you might not know".

August 28, 2000 - LucasArts updates
LucasArts has once again updated their website with new polls, information, and screenshots from their upcoming games. Unfortunately there is no new MI4 info.

The MI4 poll asks "Guybrush is considering running for President. What do you think?"

The poll on the frontpage asks "What is your favorite kind of game?"

August 23, 2000 - MI4 wallpaper
Eliran Cohen has made a cool Escape from Monkey Island wallpaper from many of the released screenshots. Get it here:

mi4wall1.jpg (156721 byte)

1024 * 768

800 * 600
640 * 480

Adventure gamer has posted an article called Copyright vs. Fandom, which deals with LucasArts' recent move to shut down fan made Monkey Island games.

August 20, 2000 - MI4 concept art
LucasArts has added three concept art pictures from MI4.
One of them is shown below, head over the the MI4 product spotlight to see the rest.

concept1.jpg (269221 byte)

The site has some new screenshots from Escape from Monkey Island.

Source: The Scumm Bar

Over at GameZone you can win dozens of LucasArts games by answering some questions involving George Lucas.

Source: The International House of Mojo

August 17, 2000 - Fan novel and new Funny things
Chapter two of Sarah Scott's novel "The dark side of Monkey Island" has been added. 
The story is really heating up as you get to know more about Guybrush's twin brother, Coren Threepwood...
Go read "Chapter two: Coren's Dark Secret" now!

In LucasArts' feature "Ask the team" the current question deals with MI4:

In terms of game play, will Monkey 4 provide the same difficulty level established in the previous games?

We're right in there. Not the easiest, but probably not quite the hardest. Every time we think of hypnotizing the monkey in Monkey 2, we stop thinking of this game as hard!

Funny things added:

- One new MI2 in-joke
- One new MI2 error
- Three new MI3 errors

August 15, 2000 - Missing scene in CMI
Sean Lane sent me a scan of a page in the Curse of Monkey Island Strategy Guide, which shows the storyboard for the scene where Elaine escapes LeChuck and changes the track for the rollercoaster.
Unfortunately this scene was never made, which is a shame since it explains some of the plot holes at the end of CMI.
See the page here:

missing.jpg (253873 byte)

Click for a larger view.

This info has also been added to the "Might not know" page.

August 14, 2000 - New MI4 preview
There is a new MI4 preview up at About Interactive Fiction
The preview announces two new screenshots, but there are four new screenshots I haven't seen before!
August 13, 2000 - Chapter 8 of "Secret Revealed"
Chapter 8 of Victoria Kidston's great fan novel "Secret Revealed", has been added.
You're in for a treat as you become acquainted with another of Guybrush's relatives, so go read "Reliving the Nightmare" now!

Bert has a problem with running The Secret of Monkey Island and I am unable to help him, but maybe some of you can.
He has the 16 color version of Monkey Island, but when he tries to run it he gets these errors:

run-time error R6003
- integer divide by 0

run-time error R6001
null pointer assignment

His computer is a PII, 400 Mhz, SB AWE64, and running Windows 98.
If he has Winamp running when he tried to run the game, it does work, but then there is obviously no sound in the game. 
If he runs it through DOS, there is no sound either.

Can anyone help him or give him an answer as to why it doesn't work, then drop him an email.

August 12, 2000 - LucasArts updates
LucasArts has updated their website with new polls and an MI4 screenshot. 

The new poll on the front page asks if you are excited about Indy and the Infernal Machine coming to the N64.

The new MI4 poll asks "If you could hold your breath for 10 minutes like Guybrush (Monkey 4), how would you use this rare talent?"

The new MI4 screenshot shows the Tumbling Termites circus, which is also the answer to the previous MI4 poll.

screen16.jpg (149513 byte)

The UK PC Gamer Magazine has a six page Escape from Monkey Island preview in its August issue. There are no new pictures reported, but the preview contains much information, so if you live in the UK hurry out and buy it!

Source: The Scumm Bar

August 10, 2000 - MI4 box art?
Amazon has a picture of what could be the MI4 box art, but since it has several design flaws and uses the same slogan as MI3, it might be a quick picture LucasArts drew up, so people can get an idea of what the box will look like.
I do not think it's that bad and aside from the repeated quote, I kind of like it :) Anyway, see it here for yourself:

box art.jpg (63324 byte)

Source: The Scumm Bar

August 8, 2000 - The comic is back!
Back in 1998 Iris Dragt started to create a comic based on The Secret of Monkey Island. She made 13 pages before deciding to concentrate her work on another comic and the upcoming adventure game, The Masters.
Therefore, I am happy to report that Iris Dragt has decided to continue her work on the Monkey Island comic!
However, since her drawings has improved much over the years, she has decided to start over from scratch and it is with great joy that I present page one of the new Monkey Island comic!
August 5, 2000 - MI4 interview
The Clearly Unofficial Escape From Monkey Island Website has an exclusive interview with the MI4 project leaders, Mike Stemmle and Sean Clark. Here is a snippet:

We drew the project from a hat. No, that's not it. We threatened to leave if we didn't get to build it. Nope, that's not it either. One of us heard voices telling them to make EFMI, and the other one said "Dude, I heard the same voices." Then we realized that the voices belonged to LEC management.

Head over to
The Clearly Unofficial Escape From Monkey Island Website for the entire interview.

GamePen has posted a preview of MI4 along with two new screenshot. Head over and it read it now.

The LucasArts website has a new poll asking who your favorite hero is. Of course you know who to vote for :)

Thanks to Timothy for the news.

August 4, 2000 - Error section
A new section has opened under the "Funny things".
It's an error section, which holds information about programming, graphic, and story errors from the three first Monkey Island games.
Check it out now and submit errors you have found yourself!

FedeT sent word that the Spanish adventure site La Aventura es La Aventura has scanned some MI4 screenshots from the magazine Xtreme Pc. There are five scanned images, but only two of them are new. You can see one of them below, to see the other go to La Aventura es La Aventura and click on the section named "Se sabe que"

xtreme.jpg (44032 byte)

- Looks like the Cannibals' village on Monkey Island.

August 3, 2000 - New fan novel & monkey news
A new fan novel by Sarah entitled "The dark side of Monkey Island" has been added. It's a great novel and you can read "Part one of Chapter one: The Stranger" now.

MI4 is featured in the September 2000 Computer Games Magazine and here is a snippet:

A vicious fight ensues and the game begins, with a puzzle sequence designed to introduce the novice player to the new game interface.

You can see scans of all the pages here.
*WARNING* The feature reveals much about the story and therefore there are a lot of spoilers in the text.

Source: The Scumm bar

Monkey Island 2 has been added to the GameSpy Hall of Fame.
Here is a snippet:

The game also offered immeasurable depth. The developers were not content with offering the bare bones of the game. Instead they added a number of features contributing to both depth and longevity.

Read the entire article here.

Source: The Scumm bar

Funny things added:

- One new MI1 in-joke.
- Two new MI2 in-jokes.
- Two new MI3 in-jokes.
- One new MI4 in-joke.
- One new reference.

Be sure to check back this Friday when a new section under the "Funny things" will be opened. I'm sure you'll find it interesting...

July 30, 2000 - New section
The Technical help section is now open and currently offers help on how to run the Monkey Island games under Windows 2000.

I forgot to mention this yesterday: The LucasArts website has been updated with two new polls.

The one of the front page asks if you will buy the Playstation 2 or not.
The new poll on the MI4 spotlight page is very interesting and inventive.
A new MI4 screenshot will be published on August 11, but a small portion of it is shown and your job is to guess what it is.

Thanks to Jarkko Rissanen for reminding me.

July 29, 2000 - MI4 news and new fan novel

The Dutch gaming magazine RealGamer reports that EMI will have a joke similar to the "Enable 3D acceleration" option in CMI, but instead of a 3D button, EMI will have a multiplayer button.

Thanks to Maximar for the news.

Part one of Paulie Polanos's fan novel "The pirate menace" is finally here.
The novel is a prequel to the Monkey Island games and you can read "Part one: Elaine" now.

The latest issue of PC Gamer UK has a six page preview of MI4, but unfortunately no demo :(
The preview presented three new screenshots and Escape from Monkey Island, The clearly unofficial site has scanned the images:

gameruk1.jpg (24792 byte)

gameruk2.jpg (27786 byte)

gameruk3.jpg (19069 byte)

July 27, 2000 - Chapter 7 of "Secret Revealed"
Chapter 7 of Victoria Kidston's great fan novel "Secret Revealed", has been added.
Go read "Chapter 7: There is Another" now!

Serge, creator of SCUMM Revisited, has decided to abandon the project and concentrate on real life. This means that we will never see version 3.0, but remember and appreciate that Serge has spent much of his time and worked hard to bring us a great program for exploring of the LucasArts adventure games.
Read Serge's statement at the SCUMM Revisited site.

Funny things added:

- Two MI2 in-jokes
- Two MI3 in-jokes
- One MI3 secret
- One MI4 in-joke

July 25, 2000 - New fan novel & bunch of news
Timothy sends word that in a MI4 preview by a Dutch game magazine named "Power Unlimited" there was a question asking why they decided to make Monkey Island 4 and the answer was:
"We would be stupid to kill a game with such a huge fan base."

Thanks to Timothy for the news.

A new fan novel has been added, it's Monica Silva's "The search of the mystic crown". Go read it.

NewMedia has an article about the recent changes at the LucasArts website. Here is a snippet:

Their new visitor poll led to another wake-up call. They asked site visitors to vote for their most anticipated game, expecting the results to match the industry buzz by putting their upcoming action game Obi-Wan in first place. But fans' No. 1 selection was Escape from Monkey Island.

Read the full article here.

Source: The Scumm Bar

A new site has joined the Adventure Gamer network, it's Gamescore which concentrates on game music.

Source: The Scumm Bar

July 23, 2000 - LucasArts loves their fans
The LucasArts site has once again been updated with great stuff.
They have added the previously mentioned section "Ask out Team" where you can send question to the development teams!
So, if you have a nagging question about MI4, Obi-Wan, or another of their upcoming games, then head over there now, but remember you have to be a registered member of the LucasArts site.

They have also added 4 new screenshots from MI4, see them below.
Click for a larger image.

screen8.jpg (120618 byte)

screen9.jpg (103885 byte)

screen10.jpg (101836 byte)

screen11.jpg (101346 byte)

They have also published 4 other screenshots, but they are only new to the LucasArts website, they have already been published earlier together with previews in magazines and on websites. However, you can also view them below. Click for a larger image. 

screen12.jpg (102980 byte) screen13.jpg (104549 byte)
screen14.jpg (97911 byte) screen15.jpg (102095 byte)

The new poll on the LucasArts frontpage is now which game has the best original music. Head over and vote.

Thanks to Timothy for telling me.

The Danish game site (A new version of the site that reported June 2000 as the release date for MI4, even before the game was announced, see the news from November 22nd and 23rd 1999 here.) now lists Escape from Monkey Island to be released on October 15 2000.
See the release date list here.

Thank you to Kewin Agerbo Panduro for sending me the news.

July 21, 2000 - Six new screenshots
Six new screenshots from MI4 have been published by the German magazine PC Action. Adventure-Treff has published scanned versions of them, but unfortunately they are of poor quality. They are still interesting to watch though, and one of them shows Herman Toothrot from behind.
See them here.

Source: Adventure Gamer
July 20, 2000 - MI4 demo coming
The Unofficial Escape from Monkey Island Site reports that the magazine PC Gamer will include a rolling demo of MI4 on their cover cd. When the release date for the game approaches, a playable demo will be published.

Timothy Langstraat was nice enough to inform me that LucasArts' EMI Product Spotlight page has been updated with the news that in the August edition of NextGen magazine, EMI was selected as one of the games that will save the PC.
July 18, 2000 - Part 2 of fan novel
Part 2 of Joe Townsend's novel "The nightmare of Monkey Island" has been added. Go read it now!

The Escape from Monkey Island page has also been updated with links to all the previews and easy download of the four EMI movies.

Funny things added:

- One new MI2 in-joke
- One new MI3 in-joke
- Three new references
July 15, 2000 - LucasArts happenings
Some great stuff are happening at the LucasArts website. You can now register and become a member of Lucas Online and get a LucasArts newsletter, send questions to development teams, get access to member only content, and more.
The LucasArts website has really improved over the last few months and it looks like they have a lot of great stuff in store for us, so register now.  

The MI4 spotlight also has a new poll asking: If there was a Monkey Island movie, who would make the best Elaine Marley?

The main page also has a new poll: Which of the following is your favorite flight-based Star Wars® game?
July 13, 2000 - Funny things and more
New funny things added:

- Five new MI2 in-jokes
- One new MI3 in-joke
- One new MI4 in-joke
- One new "Things you might not know"

Some of the missing pictures for the MI2 in-jokes have also been added.

The Legend of Monkey Island has opened a Monkey Island WAP page for those with a WAP phone. This page will offer you Monkey Island news and more wherever you are.

LucasFans has posted their own three-part interview with the creator of Sam & Max, Steve Purcell.

Paulie has sent words that the first part of his Monkey Island prequel novels will be released on July 18, 2000. The first part is entitled "The pirate menace" and involves the story of LeChuck getting dumped by Elaine, the search for Big Whoop, and more.
July 9, 2000 - Chapter six of "Secret Revealed"
The unofficial Sam & Max site has posted an interview with the creator of Sam & Max, Steve Purcell. The interview also has a few questions regarding the Monkey Island games.

Chapter 6 of Victoria Kidston's great fan novel "Secret Revealed", has been added.
Go read "Chapter 6: Ashes to Ashes" now!

The International House of Mojo has posted a new scanned screenshot from MI4.

LucasFans reports that Michael Land, Peter McConnell, and Mike McMahon left LucasArts to form a new company concentrating on developing interactive web technologies.
Read more at LucasFans.
July 5, 2000 - New fan novel and in-jokes
The International House of Mojo has interviewed Simon Jeffery, the president of LucasArts. The interview is really interesting and sheds some light on what we can expect from LucasArts in the future.
It also reveals that one of Mr. Jeffery's favorite games is Monkey Island 2.
Read the interview here.

A new fan novel entitled "Nightmare of Monkey Island" has been added. Go read part 1 now!
Two new pictures has also been added to the fan art section.

Several new in-jokes has been added and many of them are very well hidden and subtle. Be sure to check them out and the list of people who have worked hard to find them.

New funny things added:
- Two new MI1 in-jokes
- Six new MI2 in-jokes
- Six new MI3 in-jokes
- One new MI4 in-joke
- One new reference

July 3, 2000 - Chapter 5 of "Secret Revealed"
The LucasArts web site seems to be down a lot lately, which makes it difficult to download the new MI4 video. Therefore I have mirrored it here at The World of Monkey Island.
You can download it here.

Chapter 5 of Victoria Kidston's great fan novel "Secret Revealed", has been added.
Go read "Chapter 5: Stopped in the Name of Love" now!

The International House of Mojo has two new screenshots from EMI. They are scanned from a magazine, so they are small and of bad quality, but still worth checking out.
July 1, 2000 - MI4 product spotlight
LucasArts has made some great updates to their website, which include a product spotlight for Escape from Monkey Island!
The spotlight contains no new screenshots, but it does have a great new video from MI4 and a poll about which MI game is your favorite.
Hurry over there!
June 27, 2000 - In-joke madness
I have added loads of new in-jokes, secrets, and references for your viewing pleasure.

- One new MI1 in-joke
- Six new MI2 in-jokes
- Five new MI3 in-jokes
- One new MI3 secret
- Four new references
- New "Things you might not know"

Paulie has announced that he will write a Monkey Island prequel trilogy which based on the Star Wars saga.
The first novel will be called "Monkey Island: The Pirate Menace" and will set the stage for a story of a young and vicious pirate's destiny before The Secret of Monkey Island. The pirate is also known as LeChuck.
You will of course be able to read the entire trilogy right here on this page as soon as it is released.

June 24, 2000 - New MI4 screenshot
LucasArts' screenshot of the week is another great picture from Escape from Monkey Island. This is one of my favorite images from MI4, since it really captures the feel of good old piracy on a dark island :)
Click for a larger view.

screen18.jpg (94976 byte)

LucasArts has also started a new thing on their website called LucasArts Polls. The current question is which game you are looking forward to most. 
EMI is in the lead with 56% of the votes and second place is Obi-Wan with only 29%! So hurry to the website and vote for EMI.


June 20, 2000 - New MI4 preview and interview
GamePower has posted their own preview of Escape from Monkey Island which has some new info and screenshots.
After the preview follows and interesting interview with Mike Stemmle, who reveals more details about the plot and talks about some very weird puzzles.
Source: Adventure Gamer

iMuse Island has a nifty patch for CMI that enable people with a non-English version to also hear the pirate song and solve the puzzle.
Head over to iMuse Island for more info and to download the patch. 
June 18, 2000 - Chapter 4 of "Secret Revealed"
Chapter 4 entitled "Out of the Frying Pan" of Victoria Kidston's excellent fan novel "Secret Revealed", has been added. 
This chapter continues the great story and writing of the previous chapters. Go read it now!

WomanGamers have published their first look of Escape from Monkey Island.

Escape from Monkey Island
won Best Action/Adventure Game at this years E3 Show Awards. Visit the page to see what was said about MI4.

Source: Adventure Gamer
June 13, 2000 - New in-jokes
GameSpot's latest part in their Top Ten series is called TenSpot: Females which deals with the best female characters ever and one of their choices is our favorite governor; Elaine Marley Threepwood.

GameSpot's question of the week is which game is the funniest.
Many LucasArts adventures are in the list such as The Monkey Island series, Grim Fandango, Full Throttle, and more.
The lead in the voting is of course The Monkey Island series :)

Dan Bell was kind enough to tell me that The CD-ROM Shop in England is selling The LucasArts archives to people outside the US, so if you want one of The LucasArts archives, but don't live in the US then this is where to get them. You can also buy CMI from this store.

Matt Gatley was also nice enough to inform me of in England that sells The Monkey Island Bounty Pack (The first three MI games in one box) and from what I can understand, they also ship to other countries.

New funny things added:
- One new MI2 in-joke.
- Two new MI3 in-jokes.
- One new reference.
June 11, 2000 - MI4 interview
The American magazine PC Gamer has published an interview with the project leaders of Escape from Monkey Island Mike Stemmle and Sean Clark. The interview is very interesting to read and mentions that there will be about 60 characters in the game and around ten of them are old friends.

For all those who do not live in the United States,
Remi O has kindly made a scan of the interview.

LucasArts has posted a new screenshot from Escape from Monkey Island. It shows Guybrush together with some lawyers.
screen13.jpg (73073 byte)

Source: Adventure Gamer
June 9, 2000 - 2 new MI4 shots
The latest issue of PCGamer features much MI stuff. There is an article which features two new screenshots from MI4 and on the cover cd is a full version of The Secret of Monkey Island!
Here is one of the screenshots; see the other at Mixnmojo.

pcgamer1.jpg (77190 byte)

This picture shows Jambalaya Island where you can see the pink pirate ship :) From this image we can also conclude that Planet Threepwood is located on Jambalaya Island.

LucasArts has a new image for Escape from Monkey Island on their front page. The image shows Guybrush in a white shirt and a circus, so maybe we will see the return of the Fettucini brothers.

Source: The International House of Mojo

June 7, 2000 - Stuff
The Legend of Monkey Island has posted an article called "Small Secrets of EMI" in which new information is revealed, all hidden in the three MI4 videos.

Sharky Extreme has posted a preview of Monkey Island, but unfortunately no new information is revealed. Read it here.

Adventure Gamer has a new column entitled "The clearance corner" which deals with adventure nostalgia. The first issue talks about "The Legend of Kyrandia", a great game in my opinion.
Read the column here.

GameSpot announces that LucasArts has sent them 20 new exclusive screenshots from Escape from Monkey Island, unfortunately it is just screenshots taken from the previously released MI4 videos.
See them here.
May 31, 2000 - "Funny things" is back!
Finally, after an extremely long wait the popular section "Funny things" is back up!
The section contains over 160 in-jokes, secrets, and references from all the Monkey Island games, including the very first in-joke from Escape from Monkey Island!
There are still some pictures missing and due to a hard drive error, all the screenshots for the MI3 in-jokes were destroyed, but all the missing pictures will be added shortly when I have more time.
Go check out all the in-jokes, secrets, and more!
May 29, 2000 - Chapter 3 of "Secret Revealed"
Chapter 3 entitled "A Head of the Game" of Victoria Kidston's excellent fan novel "Secret Revealed", has been added. Go read it!

Adventure Gamer has posted their own preview of Escape from Monkey Island. Read it here.

The International House of Mojo and The Scumm Bar have joined forces and created an unofficial trailer for Escape from Monkey Island.
The trailer combines the previously released screenshots with sound and music.
You can download the trailer at The International House of Mojo.

Source: Adventure Gamer
May 28, 2000 - LucasArts promises more adventures
Daily Radar has posted an article about the future of LucasArts.
The article mentions that LucasArts will balance its games more and create more adventures in the future.
Here is a snippet:

LucasArts Entertainment is refocusing its production strategy. In the next year, the developers will seek a balance between licensed products, like the Indiana Jones and Star Wars titles, and original developments, such as the Monkey Island franchise.

Read the full article here.

CheckOut has posted short previous of LucasArts' upcoming games, including Monkey Island 4. Read them here.

Source: Adventure Gamer
May 27, 2000 - Best of E3
GameSpot have posted an article where they select the most promising games shown at E3. One of their picks is Escape from Monkey Island and their commentary provides a bit of information about the opening sequence.
Here is a snippet:

The game's opening movie shows the scatterbrained Guybrush Threepwood (the hero of the game and the series) musing on his previous adventures. The scene included all three instances of Guybrush defeating the evil pirate LeChuck (who uttered the same "Yeeeargh!" sample in each of Guybrush's memories shortly before being smashed, crushed, or frozen) before Guybrush is reminded of his current situation - he's being held captive on a pirate ship while his swashbuckling fiancee Elaine is single-handedly staving off a pirate attack.

That means the movie, in which we see LeChuck in his tree previous forms, is from the opening movie.
Read the full commentary here
May 25, 2000 - New preview of MI4
GameSpy has posted a their own preview of Escape from Monkey Island.
There is no new information, but it gives a nice overview of the known details.
Here is a snippet:

Along with everything else, your inventory window has also been transformed. It now appears in spectacular 3D. To view an object you must rotate the items in your inventory--Tomb Raider style.

Source: Adventure Gamer
May 22, 2000 - New Easter egg
The Scumm Bar reports of a new Easter egg in CMI regarding the light saber sounds found with Scumm Revisited.
I am unable to try the egg myself since I have lend my game to a friend :( but if you want to try it, download this savegame, unzip it into your CMI directory, start the game, and load the savegame. Enjoy :)

The Plunder Island 3D site has updated with some new screenshots of the clock tower. They look really impressive, go check them out!

A lot of English news sites about Escape from Monkey Island have appeared lately, but now there is also a German one, so if you are German or understand it, head over and check out the site: 
May 20, 2000 - Another MI4 video
AGN3D has posted videos from E3 which shows all the upcoming games from LucasArts. The video for MI4 does not provide any new information, but still fun to watch. Go check it out.

Source: Adventure Gamer

LucasArts has named new Senior Executives. Joining LucasArts are Randy Breen, vice president of development; Mike Nelson, vice president of finance and administration; and Andrea Yelle, director of human resources.
Read the full press release here.
May 17, 2000 - Michael Land leaves LucasArts.
The Scumm Bar reports that Michael Land has left LucasArts.
Apperently you get this message when you email him:

Michael Land is no longer with LucasArts. However should you need to reach him, his new e-mail address is *****@*********.***.

This has not yet been confirmed by LucasArts, but stay tuned for more info on this subject.
May 16, 2000 - MI4 videos!
DailyRadar has posted 3 mpeg videos of Escape from Monkey Island!
Finally we get to see how the game really looks. You even hear some of the characters speaking!
You can download the 3 videos here:

Video 1 - 10,2 MB
Video 2 - 10,6 MB
Video 3 - 2,63 MB
video1.jpg (90319 byte)

Source: Adventure gamer & escapemi

DailyRadar has also posted a preview of MI4 which deals a lot about the 3D engine.

Apparently reports that we will be able to control Elaine Marley Threepwood as well as Guybrush. This is the first I've heard of this, so I am a little skeptic, but we'll have to wait and see :)

Source: The Scumm Bar 

May 15, 2000 - Mixnmojo preview of Monkey Island 4
The International House of Mojo visited E3 and has posted an article covering the recently announced games by LucasArts.
The MI4 coverage is very interesting, because it gives us the reporter's own first impressions. It also informs us that the fourth island is named Jambalaya Island.
Here is a snippet:

From the demo I was shown I can say two definite things - 1) It is hilarious, and 2) What’s been shown so far does an excellent job of meshing in with the MI world we’ve seen in the first three. From the beginning of the demo (part of the game’s opening cinematic involving a hilarious flashback sequence which made me laugh to the point of serious embarrassment) to wherever it ended each time (I observed the run-through it three times, I admit) I couldn’t get enough.

The article also covers the graphics, the controls, plus more, and gives us six new screenshots, one is of the pink pirate ship :)
See the screenshots below and read the article here.

GamePro also has a preview of MI4, but it's very short and does not provide any new information.

Click for a larger image.

screen7.jpg (205903 byte) screen8.jpg (208097 byte)
screen9.jpg (224792 byte) screen11.jpg (217140 byte)
screen12.jpg (179824 byte) screen10.jpg (303508 byte)
May 14, 2000 - Another preview of Monkey Island 4
GameSpot has posted a small preview of Escape from Monkey Island.
It informs us that one of the new islands is named Lucre Island, where the Marley law firm is located. Here is a snippet:

The two have just returned from their honeymoon to Melee Island, but find that Elaine has been declared dead. As such, Guybrush and Elaine must travel to Lucre Island and visit the Marley law firm to set things straight - and discover what could just be the beginnings of a bizarre and sinister plot that's being hatched by a mysterious and truculent Australian land developer, who's reportedly been seen around Melee Island,

Chapter 2 entitled "Woman Overboard!" of Victoria Kidston's excellent fan novel "Secret Revealed", has been added. Go read it!

The Plunder 3D site has been updated with new music and a new picture of the Voodoo Lady's house.
May 12, 2000 - Much new info about MI4
Many new details about Escape from Monkey Island have been revealed along with a new screenshot.

Games Domain has had a peek at MI4 at this years E3 show and you can read the article here.
Among other things it mentions that the mouse will not be used at all (we already expected that) and that Alexandra Boyd will return as the voice of Elaine Marley Threepwood.

Computer Games Online also has a great preview of MI4, read it here.
It reveals a lot of interesting information, such as the fact that a 3D card will be required and the maps of the islands will fortunately return.
The also has a new screenshot, which you can see below.
Click for a larger image.

screen6.jpg (33793 byte)

Source: The Scumm Bar

May 7, 2000 - View cutscenes
At you can view the cutscenes from The Curse of Monkey Island and Grim Fandango. You can view them with Real Player or Windows Media Player. Unfortunately you can't download them and they are not of the best quality, but still fun to watch.
Source: International House of Mojo

In GameSpot's Readers' Choice - Ten Best Sidekicks Murray ended up on the second place and Glottis, from Grim Fandango, snitched first place. Congratulations to them both. Check out the feature here.
May 5, 2000 - New fan novel & Ron Gilbert interview
GameSpot has a new and interesting interview with Ron Gilbert.
He talks about his career, from the time before LucasArts and to the recent closing of Cavedog. He also comments on the current state of the gaming industry and shares his viewpoints.

A new fan novel has been added.
It's chapter 1 entitled "From the Depths" of the new fan novel 
"Secret Revealed" - by Victoria Kidston.
The story takes place after Guybrush has defeated LeChuck for the fourth time and has many of the beloved characters in it.
The novel is very good and very well written, go read it!

Neil was nice enough to inform of an online store that sells The Curse of Monkey Island in the UK. You can buy CMI from at a price of £12.99 including shipping costs.

This information has also been added to the "Where to buy" section".
April 30, 2000 - Dominic Armato chat
Last night 99 people participated in a chat with the voice of Guybrush, Dominic Armato. He dropped by #monkey-island for about 1½ hour and
even though he hasn't seen more of the game than we have, he was still able to answer some interesting questions.

Characters from both MI1, MI2, and MI3 will return and Denny Delk will once again take the role as the voice of Murray while Earl Boen will return as the evil voice of LeChuck.
Dominic could inform us the story is a little more complicated this time around. It's not just LeChuck hunting Guybrush again, this time LeChuck is only part of the problem.
Many fans were unhappy about the short ending in CMI, but Dominic could inform us that the designers took the criticism to heat and believe the ending in MI4 will be both long and satisfying. 

You can read a cleaned up chat log here.
Also remember to read the interview I did with him two years ago, 6 months after the release of CMI.
April 28, 2000 - New screenshot
I have added another screenshot to the MI4 page, it's from the flash intro and shows Meathook's house on Hook Island from MI1. Obviously you don't need a rubber chicken with a pulley in the middle to get to the island this time, there is now a wooden bridge :)
See the screenshot below.

You can also download a playable version of the flash intro here.

The Scumm Bar reports that there is a possibility that Dominic Armato (Voice of Guybrush) will be in IRC #monkey-island on 
Saturday 29th April at 11.00 am PST (7pm UK, 2pm EST).
He has visited the chat channel a few times and hopefully he will also be there tomorrow.

LucasFans has an exclusive interview with David Fox, who was one of the founding members of LucasFilm Games in 1982 and a long-time employee for the company. He played a key role in creating classic LucasArts titles such as Maniac Mansion and Zak McKracken.
Head over to LucasFans to read the interview.

I have finally solved the problem with the tree in the left side being displayed wrong. On many computers it was not displayed correct, but that problem should hopefully be solved now. I will soon correct it on the other pages too. 
Please email me if the tree is still displayed wrong on your pc. 

It finally happened!
Monkey Island 4 has been officially announced by LucasArts!
They revealed lot of interesting information about the game.
The title is "Escape from Monkey Island" and five screenshots were released. 
The story takes place after Guybrush and Elaine's wedding. They return to Melee Island to find that Elaine has been declared dead, the Governor’s mansion is scheduled for demolition, and the slick, yet hauntingly familiar politician, Charles L. Charles, is gunning for her job.
LucasArts promises Fresh Jokes, Rotten Puns, the Ultimate Insult and More Monkeys Than Ever and the game is scheduled for a fall 2000 release.
See the Monkey Island 4 flash intro here.
Read the full Monkey Island 4 press release here.
See the Monkey Island 4 E3 page here.
See the five screenshots below. Click for a larger image.


April 25, 2000 - New fan novel
The final part of Seán Mulkerrin's novel "Murray's search for his body" has been added. It's entitled "Biggest Whoop" and you can find it under Fan novels. Go read it!

Adventure Gamer reports that Tim Schafer's project is once again in production and will be announced some time this summer.
Tim Schafer was working on a new original adventure when he left LucasArts and since then the project has been in limbo, but now an announcement of the game is expected this year.

Source: Adventure Gamer

Tomorrow is the big day when Monkey Island 4 will be officially announced by LucasArts, so be sure to check back tomorrow for the latest information and screenshots from the game.
April 21, 2000 - Monkey Island 4 project leaders

The latest news about Monkey Island 4 is that the project leaders are game designers Michael J. Stemmle and Sean Clark. 
Michael J. Stemmle and Sean Clark has both worked on Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis and Sam and Max Hit the Road. 
Sean Clark was also involved in The Dig and Mike Stemmle has worked On Rebel Assault 2 and Afterlife.

The page for Monkey Island 4 is also up. There you can find the latest news, facts, screenshots and more from Monkey Island 4!

April 20, 2000 - Monkey Island 1 page up
The page for The Secret of Money Island is up. There you can find a variety of information about the game. You can read about the different versions of the game, see if your machine is capable of running the game :), or download the demos. Go check it out.

Voodoo Extreme reports that Ron Gilbert has left his company Humongous Entertainment and plans to start a new company.
GameSpy further explains why Ron Gilbert and Shelley Day, co-founder of Humongous Entertainment, have chosen to leave:

"Humongous had recently been struggling under GT's yoke, GT having undergone its own financial woes. Infogrames acquired a controlling interest in GT, presenting a chance for Gilbert and Day to buy back their baby, Humongous. But apparently the pair was unable to procure the necessary funds, the deal fell through and Humongous remained an Infogrames property. As a result, Gilbert and Day are now leaving. Also worth noting is the fact that Gilbert registered the domain names and earlier this year."

Computer Games Online also reports that Humongous Entertainment is now a part of the GT Interactive family.

The future of Good & Evil is still unknown, but there is a chance that Ron Gilbert will continue development at his new company.

Source: LucasFans &
Adventure Gamer

If you want to keep track of LucasArts' E3 announcements, then check out their E3 site.
The new game "Demolition" has just been announced and Monkey Island 4 should be announced on the 26th.

The Plunder 3D project has been updated with two new screenshots.
They look quite impressive, go check them out.
They are also looking for intermediate / experienced skinners and experienced mappers.

I would like to wish you all a Happy Easter!
Monkey Island 4 has finally been announced by LucasArts!

Early this week Well Rounded Entertainment announced that Monkey Island 4 will be shown at this years E3 show.
See the article here.

The following day GameSpot got an official announcement from LucasArts and a screenshot!
Read the announcement here and see the screenshot below!

But there is more!

Adventure Gamer has just revealed LucasArts entire lineup for E3!
Go read it here!

Source: Adventure Gamer

Check back for more news on Monkey Island 4.

I am sorry for not reporting this earlier, but typically enough, I was on vacation when this announcement happened.
April 9, 2000 - More MI4
In the "Done When It's Done" section of the April issue of PC Gamer UK, Monkey Island 4 is mentioned. The article says that the game is coming in the 3rd Quarter of this year.

Source: Adventure Gamer

I received this email from Matt Shaw:

Dear Loyal fangame fans & Monkey Island fans...

I am sure you have probably heard of the biggest most ambitious and SCUMM emulated fangame yet.... Legends of LeChuck by
I have some good & bad news...
The bad news it that very soon I won't have the time nor resources to continue production on ANY ShawArts game. This is due to my incoming high school exams and then preparation and attending college. Also I have other commitments like to Http://
BUT I have put in too much hard work to let it die now... that's why I am seeking a mentor.
Someone, who can continue the project, They must:

* Have Multimedia Fusion (Or I can sell my copy if I must)
* Have advanced knowledge of Multimedia Fusion (or KLIK N PLAY/GAMES FACTORY OR CLICK & CREATE)
* Have a natural love of Monkey Island

If you think you can fill these criteria, please e-mail me @:

This isn't the same reason why I had to discontinue
production of Monkey Island 4. That was stopped
because I had new technology to create something even
better, which turned out to be LOL.

Yours Faithfully,

Send him a mail if you are interested.
March 23, 2000 - More adventures from LucasArts
Just Adventure recently reported this:

Good news from LucasArts. The March 15th issue of Games Business magazine has an interview with Simon Jeffery, the new president of LucasArts. Mr. Jeffery, in response to the question, "Are we going to see the likes of Monkey Island and Grim Fandango again?" responded, "You’ll probably see some of them. At this point I wish I could tell you more, but yeah, we’re going to revisit, bring back and update some of the games that made LucasArts what it is and helped us become one of the most widely recognized consumer brands in gaming."

Sounds like we will be seeing more sequels to some of the popular adventures :)

Gamecenter has an article entitled Game Spin: Full of Blarney, which comments on the new Star Wars online game from LucasArts and the strength of the company in general. It also mentions that Ray Gresko, another LucasArts employee, has left the company.
Read the comments here, or the full article here.

Source: The International House of Mojo
March 15, 2000 - New fan novel
A new fan novel by Morpheus entitled "Monkey Island: Resurrection" has been added to the fan creations. Go read it!

The Melee Island for Quake 3 team has released a trial version of their level. The level is far from complete, but you can get a good feeling of how the final result will be. So if you have Quake 3, go download the trial version and run crazy in the town of Melee :) 
March 10, 2000 - New fan game
Monkey Island 4 was mentioned in the latest issue of the Swedish PC Gamer. It was included in a list of games to be released this year, although the journalist had doubts about the game actually shipping this year, but still predicts it to come out in the third quarter.

Source: Adventure Gamer

A new fan game has been added to the Fan game section. It's The Devil's Triangle by Chris Ushko. It is based on the novel The Devil's Triangle also by Chris Ushko. Find it in the Fan novel section.
The story in the game is not exactly as in the novel, so read the novel and then play the game :)
March 2, 2000 - I'm back
I got back from my vacation last Sunday, unfortunately I got ill immediately after, but I am getting better and the emails I received while on vacation will be answered in the next few days.

LucasFans has an interview with Noah Falstein, a long-time game designer at LucasArts. Head over to LucasFans and read it.

EuroGamer has an article about the recent closure of Cavedog and the problems the company struggled with. Read it here.
February 18, 2000 - Going on vacation
I'm going on vacation for a week, so if you send me any emails in the next week, I won't be able to reply to them before February 28, at the earliest. (That also goes for emails sent to me in the last couple of days.)
February 16, 2000 - New section: Where to buy
A new section is up, it is the "Where to buy" section, where you can find help with finding a place to buy the Monkey Island games. So if you are planning on buying one of the games, check out the new section.

Another new fan section has opened. It is "Fan games" which opens with two fan games by
Scurvyliver entitled "The Fate of Monkey Island" and the sequel "The Fate of Monkey Island 2" which is not completely done yet. Check the new fan games section, which has links to Scurvyliver's games. 
February 13, 2000 - Cavedog closes
GameSpot reports that Cavedog will close, due to the fact that Cavedog has been showing signs of trouble for a number of months and was recently forced to cancel Elysium and Amen: The Awakening due to budget and scheduling problems.
Cavedog is the creator of the Total Annihilation games and was co-founded by Ron Gilbert.
Read the whole article at GameSpot.

The Melee 3D project (Melee Island made as a level for Unreal Tournament) has got its own website. A new screenshot is up and it looks just as good as the first one.
February 12, 2000 - More MI4
Someone (not leaving a name) was nice enough to send me some news about a Monkey Island 4 mentioning in the French magazine "Joystick".
Here is the text translated:

"The processing of Monkey Island 4 just began.
The used interface will be a Grim Fandango enhanced one....but how much enhanced ?
Grim fandango mixed 3d characters and 2d sets. Can we dream of a totally 3d Monkey Island ? Actually, I believe we can".

You can see a scanned image of the article here.

Another level for a 3D shooter is being made. This time it is Melee Island for Unreal Tournament. I must say this is one of the best looking levels so far. Unreal is also good a handling big outdoor areas, so I am really looking forward to this level. Head over to the Scumm Bar and see an early screenshot.

Scumm Revisited has made some debugging patches and dlls for Grim Fandango and CMI available for download. As Serge strongly points out, this it NOT for beginners. This is meant for people wanting to see how the debugging is in the two games. Go to the Scumm Revisited download page and download them.
February 10, 2000 - New hints
Finally a bunch of new hints have been added to the MI3 hints page.

Iris Dragt, creator of the MI comic, is working on a new adventure game called The Masters. It's a traditional 2D adventure and the screenshot available looks really promising and the story sounds interesting. Head over to the website and check it out!

A new site dealing with LucasArts music has also opened. iMuse Island offers tons of music for download, a message forum, information about the music of the games, and more. Head over and check it out!

LucasRadio is organizing a Monkey Island gathering called MonkeyCon 2000. The gathering will take place on August 1rst this summer in Elmira, NY USA. There will entertainment in the form of computers and music. Click here to get more information.

Source: The International House of Mojo
February 6, 2000 - New message forum
Thanks to Bordok from Adventure Gamer I now have a new message forum. This one is Y2K ready, so the dates are correct again :)
Unfortunately you have to sign up again, since it is a new board, but it will not take long.
Visit the new forum here.

Serge from Scumm Revisited has written an article about the Grim Fandango engine and a little about how to run CMI in a window :)
The Scumm Revisited website also has a forum now, where you can discuss all your editing ideas and questions.

LucasFans have an interview with Vince Lee. He is the creator of the Rebel Assault games and also worked on Monkey Island 1 & 2.

Making Monkey Island levels for 3D shooters seems to be very hot right now. This site features Melee Island as a level for Quake 3. Head over there and see a small screenshot.
January 30, 2000 - Dominic Armato asked about MI4
Dominic Armato (Voice of Guybrush) recently visited the chat channel #monkey-island again. Of course the MI4 question was asked, his response was:

"can't talk about that... sorry."

When he earlier was asked if he knew anything about MI4 he normally replied something like "I haven't heard anything about MI4". (Not exact quote).
Now he suddenly can't talk about it. Maybe he is already recording voices for MI4. Let's hope.

GregD is working on making Plunder Island as a level for Half Life. 
The Plunder Island 3D site has information, pictures and more. 
GregD is looking for some help, so if you are interested visit his homepage and throw him an email. 
Below is some screenshots of the Barbery Coast.

hlpic1.jpg (98302 byte)

hlpic2.jpg (143785 byte)

Source: The Scumm Bar
January 20, 2000 - More on departures
Stephen Granade of the Interactive Fiction Guide has talked to the head of LucasArts' public relations, who confirmed the departures of Tim Schafer and Jack Sorensen, president of LucasArts, but also says that they were unrelated. The spokesperson did not give any additional details as to Tim Schafer's plans, but says that LucasArts would like to keep working with Tim in some way.
He also said that the game Tim Schafer was working on was an adventure game, but was not Monkey Island 4. Instead it was an original adventure unconnected to any previous LucasArts adventures. The project is currently in limbo.
LucasArts should make more announcements about upcoming titles in the coming months, especially since E3 is approaching.
Read the news article here.

Source: Adventure Gamer

Blondebeard & LeChuck_ of The Legend of Monkey Island was nice enough to send me a scanned image of the MI4 article in PC Zone.
Check it out below.
4pczone.jpg (54064 byte)

A new section has reopened, it's the "View my guestbook" page, so now you can once again see all the people who have signed my guestbook.
January 14, 2000 - Two other departures
It has been reported that Aric Wilmunder and Jack Sorensen have also left LucasArts.
Aric Wilmunder started in the company in 1984 and contributed to the SCUMM adventure engine and many other LucasArts games.

GameSpot reported that Jack Sorensen, president of LucasArts Entertainment, also left the company. He made the announcement late on Thursday afternoon.
George Lucas has appointed Simon Jeffery to take over after Sorensen. Read the entire news posting here.

What is happening at LucasArts? Three departures in a short period of time. Why is so many leaving so suddenly? 
It is possible that Jack Sorensen may be joining Tim Schafer for another venture, possibly keeping ties with LucasArts.
You will know more when I do.

Source: GameSpot, Adventure Gamer, and LucasFans
January 13, 2000 - Monkey Island 4 in PC Zone
Harry Hayball sent me a transcript of the MI4 preview, just as it appeared in the magazine PC Zone:

PUBLISHER Activision 
OUT Some time in 2001

Remember LucasArts revolutionary interface, which first made its debut in Grim Fandango? Well, a new, improved version is set to be the baby that powers Monkey Island 4. Details are still sparse but Tim Schafer has reportedly said they're currently finalizing the script. As soon as we hear any more, you'll be the first to know.

Thanks to Harry Hayball.
January 12, 2000 - MI4 confirmed by Tim Schafer!
In the latest issue of the UK gaming magazine "PC Zone" all of the upcoming games for every genre has been previewed. Among them are Monkey Island 4! They say that Tim Schafer had told them that they were just finishing the script for Monkey Island 4 and that the game would be released some time between 2000 and 2001. It also said that it would be in 3D like Grim Fandango.
Expect more news about his soon.

Although MI4 was confirmed by Tim Schafer and not by LucasArts, they did confirm the departure of Tim Schafer. He is likely to keep his relation with LucasArts and maybe work together with them on future projects. Read more at GameSpot.

LucasArts has not yet confirmed MI4, but Tim Schafer has and he was, until recently, an employee at LucasArts, so I think we can be a 100 % sure.
I think LucasArts intestinally leaked info about MI4, otherwise all the rumors would not have occurred and a person such as Tim Schafer would not leak classified information, even though he recently left the company.
Now we just have to wait for LucasArts' announcement :)
Check back for further news.

Source: Adventure Gamer
January 10, 2000 - Award & MI4 rumor
Luc Gilbertz has been nice enough to inform me that the German magazine PC Games has published an internet guide for gamers.
For 150 of the most famous games, they have always chosen the best fan site. I am very happy to report that The World of Monkey Island was one of their choices. Luc Gilbertz was also kind enough to translate the text and scan a picture of the article:

Click picture for a larger view

No other adventure series has so many fans than Monkey Island from LucasArts. The fanpage offers regular news, many downloads, several walkthroughs and rumors about a possible fourth installment.

Frequency of updates: 3 of 3 points
Content: 3 of 3 points
Design: 2 of 3 points
Organization: 2 of 3 points
GENERAL RATING: 3 of 3 points 

3 out of 3 points! Great! I am very happy to have been chosen as the best fan site for Monkey Island 3. 
It shows that people appreciate the work I do :)

The Grim Fandango network was chosen as the best Grim Fandango site, also with the score 3 out of 3.

I guess you are also waiting to read the latest MI4 rumor.

The German website Monkey Island Fan Isle has discovered another piece of information about a possible Monkey Island 4.
The German magazine "Computer Bild Spiele" has reported the following news (rough translation):

"Monkey Island 4 on its way
Adventure fans can be happy: The very successful Monkey Island adventure series will be continued. Behind closed doors, LucasArts is working on Monkey 4 for PC. Whether the fourth installment will be as funny and tricky as usual can only be known shortly before Christmas 2000. Price not known yet."

You can see a scan of the article here.
Monkey Island Fan Isle
then contacted the German magazine to get a bit more info about the source. They got this answer back (rough translation):

"These are intern things which don't concern anyone, including webmasters of well known Monkey Island sites. We are sorry, but you should be satisfied with the information our readers get."

very hostile answer. The article could be based on the latest rumors that have popped up everywhere or maybe they, like the Danish magazine, got some inside information. This German magazine reports the release date to be before Christmas 2000, which means we should see an official announcement from LucasArts around March/April/May. (If it is true, it might be another rumor).

January 8, 2000 - Tim Schafer leaves LucasArts
GameSpot reports that Tim Schafer, designer of Grim Fandango and Full Throttle, has left LucasArts to pursue other interests.
It is possible that Schafer has left LucasArts to start his own company.
Read GameSpot's news posting here.

This has not yet been confirmed by LucasArts, but should not be considered a rumor. GameSpot was also the first to report the departure of Jonathan Ackley.
GameSpot expects to have more information early next week, so I recommend you check their news page frequently. The information will of course also be posted here.

As you can see I have added a list of the latest headlines, so you will quickly be able to see what's new. The list can be found below my logo.

The Clan of The Three Headed Monkey is running a competition with ideas for MI4/ 5. Do you have a great idea? Then head over there and submit it.
January 6, 2000 - They keep coming
More MI4 rumors are appearing these days.
This is taken from a Spanish magazine called Micromania.
Sent to the Scumm Bar by Harbrush and translated by Dingy
Take a look at this:

The future adventures of LucasArts.
"Monkey Island 4" in 3d seems to be in mouth of all Danish journalists listened to a conversation between a director of LucasArts and another one of Activision - distributing LucasArts games in Europe, in meeting with game maker, where the accomplishment of the fourth part was mentioned. Also, a store online of the same country, after making a visit to LucasArts, put this review in its list launchings:

"Monkey Island 4". Lucas Arts. June of the 2000.

A few days later it disappeared mysteriously. LucasArts has denied these two information, but don't forget that the same company denied the making of " Curse of Monkey Island" fifteen days before its official announcement. The secret project of Tim Shafer creator of " Grim Fandango) is not be denied or confirmed,

Finally I can say this: it will be an interesting year in the game industry.

This is just a revision of the rumors earlier reported on this site. Nothing new in this article.
If you read Spanish you can see a scan of the article here.

Source: The Scumm Bar & The Complete History of Monkey Island 4 Rumors and...the Cover up!

GameSpot has an article called Millennium Gaming where they interview developers such as Ron Gilbert and Tim Schafer.

January 4, 2000 - New MI4 rumor
The Danish gaming magazine PcPlayer has more to say about Monkey Island 4. They are the same magazine that reported MI4 being in production (see the news from October 11 & 13 1999) and later reported a release date for MI4 (see the news from November 23, 1999 below).
The latest news from them confirms their knowledge of MI4 and reveals details about another possible sequel, Full Throttle 2.
Here is the translated news:

Ever since we in our Activate 99 report a few months ago mentioned that Monkey Island 4 was on the drawing board, we have been more than buried with inquires from people who want to know more about the game. Therefore let's once again point out that the game, at best, is at a very early stage in production and therefore probably won't be released within the next year.
The same thing goes for another mentioned, but highly unofficial title from LucasArts, and that is Full Throttle 2.

I am getting more and more convinced that MI4 is coming, even if we don't see it before 2001/2002. Then we have waited almost the same amount of time as we did for CMI - 6 years. (As I said, almost :)
Another interesting part of this news is the mentioning of Full Throttle 2. Is that Tim Schafer's secret project? As usual, we have to wait until another rumor pops up or LucasArts makes an official announcement.
January 3, 2000 - New comic
Happy 2000!
We made it into the new millennium without any major problems and this is my first update in the new millennium.
A new section has been added to the Fan creations. The sections is called Fan comics and features a great MI2 comic, by Eliran Cohen.
The two first pages are available and I recommend you go read it :)
Eliran Cohen has also contributed with a piece of fan art.

MrMutton is at it again. He has created a Monkey Island 4 rumor page, which contains all the rumors of MI4 so far. So until my MI4 page is back up, go visit The Complete History of Monkey Island 4 Rumors and...the Cover up!


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