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Friday, October 20, 2017
20 year anniversary! Posted by: Dalixam | Comments (0)
The World of Monkey Island turns 20 years old today! On October 20th 1997 a young kid (me!) started a small website that would grow to be one of the biggest Monkey Island fan sites on the net with the best community ever assembled. Maybe you, dear reader, used to frequent the forums, added to the fan art gallery, or otherwise contributed to this wonderful community. If so, raise a glass to yourself for being part of making this a warm and welcoming place. I still get messages from people saying how this community helped them through a hard childhood or a difficult adult life. I owe it all to the great people of the WMI community. Thank you!

Let's not forget the awesome guys that helped me make this a great website; Paco Vink, who created an insane amount of custom art, pictures, designs, and much more. In addition he bagan the beautiful MI1 comic and we are all still awaiting the next page (hint hint, Paco :)

Then we have Jan Jacob Mekes, also known as Haggis or Jar Jar Binks He ran the forums as a moderator and later as an administrator. He did a fantastic job and made sure the forums were a nice and friendly place to relax in.

The site closed 10 years ago, but has remained online as an archive site although not without problems. However, I am working on fixing the place up a bit, It will still remain an archive site with the occasional update, but currently it's so broken and I hope to fix that. The comment section for news doesn't even work, so if you want to wish the site a happy birthday or share your fond (or not so fond) memories from the golden days, please use our twitter :)

Now, enjoy the party! There is extra toilet paper on Paco's desk an Haggis is handing out free condoms.

Thursday, March 30, 2017
Thimbleweed Park review Posted by: Dalixam | Comments (0)

Ron Gilbert and Gary Winnick's new adventure game, Thimbleweed Park is out now!

Get it on Steam and read my review!

Friday, February 17, 2017
We're back!...Sort of Posted by: Dalixam | Comments (0)
World of Monkey Island is back online! After having a broken database for 1-2 years I finally got my a** in gear and moved the site to s new host. The Tales of Monkey Island Blog also moved, although nobody probably cares about that, and another site is also coming back online soon (hint hint).

Back to this site, it will remain an archive site like it has been since it closed in 2007. Especially the Trivia section and Fan Creayions are popular. And of course Paco Vink's, sadly unfinished, MI1 Comic

I might do some updates in the future though, I have some ideas, but no promises. It will not be game news or anything regular, but improvements around the site. In the event that happens we have a brand new Twitter account where we will post about these updates. Yes, we're hip and modern.

The forums are still down and may not return, so you can't login and post comments to this news post, but that's okay, I'll just imagine 1000 meh comments.

I think that was all. Enjoy!

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